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Small Reichskriegsflag.

Article about: Guys this is one of two battle flags from a Signal Corps Photographer. Thought you'd like to have a look. Regards, Hal

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    I recently attended a Militaria Show and a guy had a small German Battle Flag for sale. The flag looked old and was in nice condition. I told the seller I would think about it and give him a call. It is marked Reichskriegsfahne and is 60x90 just like the flag mentioned earlier in this post. It also has 5/41 on the bunting. According to Ade this flag is a fake because the correct spelling for flag is flagge not fahne. Too bad, as the price was $250 which seemed like a bargin. I am glad I read this post before I made arragements to meet with the seller to make the purchase. Any idea as to when and who was making these fake battle flags. It sure had me fooled.

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    I was under the impression that any flag sized 60x 90 was considered bogus? Also I believe that on another forum someone showed as you described a flag with the wording alte garde, walter buch and that those markings were considered bogus also. I will see if I can find the thread and post it.
    No expert on flags, just passing on information I have heard from others.

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    Had me fooled too, but I came here to learn more about them. ( The above posts
    were my first after joining WRF several years ago ! ) The info that Ade mentioned
    is correct - these '60x90' cotton flags are fakes from the late 1970's or early 80's.

    Kriegsmarine (Reichskriegsfahne) Flag...


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    I had seen the info that Ade had posted after I first saw the flag at the militaria show. I called the seller and he provided me with the markings on the flag before I drove out to his place to make the purchase. When he provided me with the markings on the flag a red light started blinking in my brain. I went back to this forum and pulled up all the info. I also found additional info on another forum and learned that these 60x90 flags were sold by Delta International and that they had them made by Paramount Flag Co. in San Francisco CA. I was somewhat bummed out that the flag was a fake as I have been looking for a nice small Battle Flag at a good price. I was however very happy that I had done my due dillegence before I bought the flag... and got burned for $250.00. The bottom line is that you must do your research before you buy something that you know little about. Thanks again to Ade and the forum.

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    How did the seller take the news his flag was a fake?

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    I called him and told him in a nice way what I had found out about the flag and that I was going to pass on it. The seller said " No problem, don't feel bad ... that's OK." I asked him if he had ever before been told this about the flag. He said no and that he buys things all the time from people selling this stuff. He did not dispute what I had told him nor did he offer any apology to me. At the military show he had an SS dagger that he claimed was a ground Rohm. The only problem was it was an RZM dated 1936. Rohm was assinated in 1934 and thus there is no way the dagger was a legitimate ground Rohm. I did not have the heart to tell him. I do not believe he was trying to deceive anyone on the dagger or the flag. He is an older gentleman and simply bought some things that simply were not correct. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Thats good, at least you told him and hopefully he'll take it on board and won't try to pass anything on as original when he knows better.

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    Was this flag at a show in Elgin, a few weeks ago? I believe I saw it also. It was at a corner table and if memory serves me, the red dye was slightly bleeding. He had several other flags.


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    It was at the show in Joliet IL around 3-4 weeks ago.

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    Quote by B17 Power View Post
    It was at the show in Joliet IL around 3-4 weeks ago.
    Yes, yes, Joliet at the VFW hall. Not Elgin. I looked at the same flag, it was conditioned well but had the bleeding red dye and the stamp on it looked wrong, as said above. I did purchase my first totenkopf pin though!!! I'll post it up in just a minute. Other than this, I had a good time and bought my Polish medal. I met the writer of a Polish militaria book that is signed by him.


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