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Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

Article about: thanks chaps. here are full size pix...

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    Default Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    gents -

    here is most excellent 2nd pattern War Flag. stunning condition, no fading, corner reinforcements, late "orangey" color, double-sided, perfect hemp rope and batting. to me, a one-look, one-feel (and one-whiff!) original.

    but I'm puzzled by three things really: no markings are present on the edge, not even the remnants. was this an "ooops" moment for the maker, when it was taken off the proddy line to salvage the cotton, forgotten, then souvenir'd by an allied soldier? or were size marks just not that important after, say, late '42?

    also, as seen in one of these pix, there isn't much reinforcement on the end. some I've seen have five or six adjacent stitch lines
    on the end - and the sides. as well, on mine the edges aren't bound; there's just a slightly raised area were the field stops and were the material is a bit thicker to the touch (tho not really to the eye.) tho maybe I'm missing a tiny construction detail. there's a printing defect: a 2-inch red area has "bled" into one of the white rays. loastly, there's an equally tiny "pull" or two that seem to have been repaired

    right. anyway, here are detail pix. later, assuming I'm not laffed out of class I'll try to make room and shoot the big-uns.

    thanks for all commentary! david
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Super-large kr'flagge/fahne   Super-large kr'flagge/fahne  

    Super-large kr'flagge/fahne   Super-large kr'flagge/fahne  

    Attached Images Attached Images Super-large kr'flagge/fahne 

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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    I almost forgot - this double-sided flag is a real whopper - about 10 feet by 16 1/2 feet! I think that's the largest size for the RKF, right? again thanaks for input.

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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    defects -
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Super-large kr'flagge/fahne  
    Attached Images Attached Images Super-large kr'flagge/fahne Super-large kr'flagge/fahne 

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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    luckily the flag is so big these things are barely noticeable...

    Quote by vady View Post
    defects -

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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    I don't see any great problems concerning originality. Just one of those "Friday afternoon/Monday morning" produced items This could have been a factory reject hence the lack of size markings.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    Believe it or not, there was at least one size larger variation than this for battleships. The size you have would have been a destroyer sized flag. I had a 6x9 meter 1933 pattern (Imperial colors with large iron cross) example that was the same dimensions, and I found a period photo of it flying from the stern of a destroyer.
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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne



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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    anyone suggest a value range? I've heard $400-$1000....


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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    Dave I find that big flags are tough.most dont want them because they cant show them or display them. I have seen dealers ask big money for large flags to only sell them dirt cheap just to get rid of them.just depends on the flag and the buyer. Good luck Gary

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    Default Re: Super-large kr'flagge/fahne

    Hi David, I would agree with Gary's comments. Value would be the lower end of the suggested scale.

    Cheers, Ade.

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