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Value of this Kriegsmarine Navy Battle flag?

Article about: Looking for opinions on value for this flag. It has some condition issues including fraying, stains, and a missing header. Measures 30" high by 40" wide. Any additional information

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    Quote by rbminis View Post
    If you are having difficulty posting photos, you need only ask for help.
    This is a long thread but you need only read the first three or four posts to get the idea.
    New picture posting feature - How to guide !
    Please don't continue the way you are or it will be a short membership here.
    I am pretty familiar with the process of attaching the photos to threads, it's the actual upload process that is painfully slow and often results in multiple red X's. I've tried just uploading 1 or 2 at a time instead of 6-8 but it doesn't seem to matter. Is it the size of the photos? My location?

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    Circuit advertisement Value of this Kriegsmarine Navy Battle flag?
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    It seems to me, that I get more red x's due to the photo size-either too large Or too small. If so, sometimes you may have to change their sizes. I've found the simplest way to do this is usually to email the photo to myself and then save it after you've made it bigger-or smaller. Otherwise, it's a relatively simple process of having a file of photos on your computer, beginning a Photo Album on your profile page and selecting and adding photos to it from the before mentioned photo file. Just do not forget to hit the "save changes" box in the album after selecting and downloading.
    Once done, all you need do to add photos is to go to the "go advanced" link at the bottom of your post and use the picture uploader feature.

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    I find that saving my photos to 1600 pixels on the largest side gives me maximum photo size without problems uploading.
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    As William said,email them to yourself,I do this all the time,works great.....Pete.

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    Quote by Joe777cool View Post
    I was wrong. I didn't appreciate the comments/perceived tone of the poster and responded with sarcasm which was not the right thing to do. I do not own a shop/store, I'm just a WW2 enthusiast who has collected some items over the past few years, (and still collecting) and now has decided to sell some of them. Maybe one day as I continue to learn about these items I will be able to help others, but am in no position to do so at this point due to my inexperience.

    I apologize to you for any perceived or actual disrespect/attitude I may have shown you. This whole discussion is far from the way I thought it would go when I first posted this question.
    Please remember in the future the error of your ways on this thread. We are here to help but need proper images to offer an accurate response. Glenn is a long time member here and always has always been a positive asset to the forum. There is no reason he should not have received any guff from you. Your last post likely saved you from being sent out the door of no return. After we see some decent images, we can advise you on authenticity. We are not a free appraisal service so if genuine, I would suggest looking at various dealer's sites to get an idea of value. These are common so you should have no problem finding numerous examples for sale. I would then take 25% off for selling it as a private party.


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    The flag may simply be a Kriegsflag but it has been
    ruined by the damage to either end. Not really
    worth a lot to a collector.........


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