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What is the Nazi Flag authenticity testing process?

Article about: Hello all I was hoping if you don't mind if you can tell me what the test process is for testing Nazi flags ? I prefer not to tear a thread from the flag , as it would effect condition . I w

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    Default What is the Nazi Flag authenticity testing process?

    Hello all

    I was hoping if you don't mind if you can tell me what the test process is for testing Nazi flags ? I prefer not to tear a thread from the flag , as it would effect condition . I was wondering if there are alternative ways? Perhaps you have a method you use that you feel is best?

    I guess I am open to the burn test as they call it ,if there is a loose thread already , however I would like to know how that is conducted. I feel this would be helpful in my collecting them. I always hear bits in pieces of answers. So I thought I would try to get a full answer on here.

    I am told generally large banners aren't faked, it's generally the general 3 by 5 foot ones, as they are most desired. Is this statement true ?

    Thank you


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    The best test for authenticity is a trained eye. I agree that the larger banners are not faked. There is a plethera of them in the market and they are not that expensive.


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    You can try the blacklight test, if original it should not glow under blacklight.

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    Study construction methods and stitching, especially canton panel numerals and letters. Look at as many as you can in hand, at shows, from other collectors, etc. Once you have held legitimate items in hand the fakes stand out easily. There is not a simple answer to the question posed IMO, it takes experience and study to discern the fakes in many cases. Never ever rely on any seller to authenticate items for you, study for yourself, learn from experienced collectors and ultimately decide for yourself. It's the slower way to build a collection but much better than blindly trusting sellers or buying fake items. Flags are a fascinating subject and can run the price range from reasonable for more common flags to extremely high prices for more scarce items.

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    The folks here might be able to tell just from some photos
    - which are always a good idea anyway, showing the size,
    construction and other details mentioned above.........


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    I know I am bumping an old thread. I agree with all the advice given so far.
    This may sound funny to some but when I open the storage crate my flags reside within there is that unique "third reich textile" smell. We all know that scent and i believe that is tough to replicate with modern items. I know sometimes fakes have been made with period textiles so as already stated becoming familiar with construction techniques is crucial.

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    The nose is the most trusted tool when it comes to flags in my opinion.

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    Yes the smell test is one of the keys to authenticating, when I open up my displays of caps and cloth items that smell hits my nose and sends me back 80 years!

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    Sometimes I stick my head into my curio-cabinet for a whiff of history...there's nothing quite like it, lol....! (older photo, btw)
    cheers, Glenn
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    "....smells like...victory...victory"

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