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any Idea if this is repo

Article about: There is no makers mark on this any idea's

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    Default any Idea if this is repo

    There is no makers mark on this any idea's
    any Idea if this is repoany Idea if this is repoany Idea if this is repoany Idea if this is repoany Idea if this is repo

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    I would expect a marking somewhere on a vintage German-Produced Blade...If not a manufacturer's logo then at least a DRGM for a pre-45 piece/export piece ...(?)
    I look forward to other members' learned opinions concerning this attractive Hirschfaenger...
    cheers, Glenn

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    The etching is on two sides and goes all the way up the ricasso to the shell very beautiful.
    I removed the handle no makers mark there .

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    Welcome to the Forum! There are several Members here specializing in German Blades - Hopefully they'll be able to provide you with more info soon...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Photos are not the best, but it looks like a genuine hunting knife, probably Weimar period. From what we can actually see, a quality piece. The lack of a makers mark probably because it was sold through a hunting shop, or as a blank blade for a custom etching later.

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    Welcome to the forum! I agree with Anderson it is a weimar early period piece. Short version based on blade and scabbard. Is there a colored felt buffer washer between crossguard and scabbard? can you shoot pic? Also can you please shoot a better image of both sides of etched blade for us? I am not a cutlass expert. Based on fittings and overall construction I am comfortable it is not a reproduction. It could be an early Alcoso, WKC, Clemen & Jung or Eickhorn unmarked piece but I cannot say for certain. Seeing both etchings on blade up close could help further. I know it is common for some to be unmarked. That is about all I can add at this point.

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    Thanks for the info this is my first so I'm am happy i did'nt make a mistake . I will post more pictures later

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    the felt dos'nt seem to have much color light and faded cream color but still in good shape

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