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Article about: Again, good find

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    Default Belt Group

    Hi guys. Have a possible trade lined up for this belt and pouches. What do you think?
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    Belt Group   Belt Group  

    Belt Group  

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    what are you trading?

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    Quote by warbuff View Post
    what are you trading?

    A Third pattern Fairbairn Sykes dagger and a KABAR knife.

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    my ww2 price guide book says between 250-600 for the fairbairn sykes dagger and i usually dont go by my book, i usually go by what the members on this site say because i trust them more. as for me i mostly collect german, so im not that familiar with the prices non-german items just because i have traded, bought, and sold german militaria for a while. so i would not know what is a good trade between german and non german ww2 items, i trade german for german. as for the belt and ammo pouches if i was buying them i would pay between 100 to 125 for the belt and buckle, and the ammo pouches usually fetch between 20 and 30 ea. i am sorry this is all the info i could provide.

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    Thanks for the info. My FS is definitely on the low end of that scale (and I paid a lot less for it) so I'm happy with the terms of the trade. Just wanted to make sure that the buckle looks legit to everyone. Unfortunately no pic of the rear of the buckle yet.

    Also, I'm told that the pouches are a matching set which adds to the value.

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    Looks like a nice original set. The buckle has a lot of paint. The belt is well marked. It is worth more if the ammo pouches have matching markings.

    Sounds like a fair trade but check out the value on the Fairbaim. I had one with Wilkinson trade mark and it went for well over $600.

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    Thanks. My FS does not have the Wilkinson mark. Its a basic WW2 made Third Pattern with the "England" export stamp.

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    The belt set in all is original and in good condition, nice overall set

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    Picked up the belt's a photo of the back of the buckle. Julius Kremp is the maker.
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    nice, looks good. i want to get me one of those buckles

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