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belt pickup

Article about: not a problem at all michael ,i take on all comments given ,to be honest german field gear is out of my scope so im learning as i go along ,i think im in the best place here though ,thanks f

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    Default belt pickup

    recently picked up this belt to add my heer buckle and would like to learn more on it if possible ,it shows a 95 stamp on the tongue the hook shows the maker olc interestingly its had what i can gather a period modification having the belt size enlarged and 4 brass type rivits were used instead of the original stiching i would guess over an inch has been gained , also on the hook side of the belt there is a part legible stamp id like to know more about ,i think it shows chr????? then below oberts????? then below 19??any help appreciated belt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickupbelt pickup

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    As far as the belt goes you may find a way to better show the leather maker by using saddle soap
    or another means. The Buckle is made by Gustav Brehmer M4/60 , De Nazified sadly.The hook on the belt was produced by Overhoff & Cie M4/27.. Overall a nice set IMHO..Other opinions may vary...Gwar

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    many thanks for your thoughts gwar ,the buckle as i remember was a gift from a german pow to one of his british guards the swastica is only visible on the reverse now sadly ,ive not heard of saddle soap ,ill look it up thanks again, james

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    Good luck James C and thanks for posting your nice find.. Saddle soap may not produce the
    the results as far as a full I.D. but it may help..Keep hunting James C .. Gwar

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    James, belt is a M36 standard combat belt which has been repaired at some point and additional holes added near the hook end, for what reason I do not know

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    BTW in regards to leather treatment I have always used Lord Sheratons leather balsam, I have restored some really dry belts using it

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    good evening ben ,thank you very much for the information regarding this belt ,so am i ok to fit this heer buckle with it? ,if so im very pleased , as for the extra holes i was told the owner had added some round badges of some sort to display on the belt two at each end thanks also for the tip on the balsalm, yourself and gwar have been very helpfull kind regards james

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    Yes James a Heer buckle would fine with the belt

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    brilliant ,thanks ben

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    Hi James, May I suggest that the leather has been lengthened by the liberator for use, usually, as a work belt and the buckle has been defiled for a similar reason. The stiching for the tongue on the leather and the clasp hook is all by hand rather than by a cobler's sewing machine. I have never seen rivets used in this fashion. In my opinion, whilst any post war alteration must devalue the item to some extent, the leather is still a nice item and far better that the leather was lengthened rather than cut and shortened. I hope that I have not trodden on your toes. Please remember that this is just my opinion!!
    Cheers James, with regards and best wishes MR

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