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Herman Historica Auction

Article about: Was anyone else following the John Wahl buckle collection being sold at Herman Historica today. I saw most of the collection at the SOS. You will find his buckle all over Angolia's Revised b

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    The stuff I was pointing out is the very rare high end of the hobby. Most buckles are under $150. As I look through the auction results I see a lot stuff I should have bid on. This super rare stuff is fun to look at and everyone of us has a chance of finding that $5000 item for $20.

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    To me, the concern isn't that such high prices are paid for items, but the reason such prices are paid. No one could really fault a rich collector (or a regular collector who has saved) for spending a lot of money on something he really wants, rightly or wrongly. I find it distasteful, though, when militaria becomes primarily an investment over a hobby. It happened long ago with coins (and the bubble burst once, in the 1980s), so it is now the case that only the rich can afford coins that actually are not that scarce. That wasn't caused by rich collectors paying for a certain important coin, but by investors trading and hoarding them as commodities.

    I'm not saying that such is the case with the items sold at the Hermann Historica auction, or any militaria for that matter. But if it is, then that constitutes a debasement of the hobby, in my opinion, just as happened with numismatics.

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    I was there last week for the gun auction, picked up some pistols.

    Was fun to watch the deacts go for 5x reserve, and the live autos not sell for over reserve price.

    The staff I don't like to be honest, not very friendly to you if you're not german.

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    I agree with you about the staff, at least the ones I talked to at the SOS. The 23% buyers premium is way to high.

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    The Bureau of Mines buckle didn't seem overpriced at 440 euro, only because the condition was superb. I believe that's a rare buckle, but the price maybe doesn't reflect that.

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    sorry I don't see$150 for a belt buckle unless its officers or very rare.but that's me.

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    Quote by kirby View Post
    I agree with you about the staff, at least the ones I talked to at the SOS. The 23% buyers premium is way to high.
    Had a list of about 20 weapons to inspect, was told to hurry it up. While the two German dealers who where there since before us and going lot by lot one number after the other were given no hassles, and were even allowed to inspect multiple pieces at one time and compare them side by side!

    Still, if you're in the area, it's worth going. I got some excellent deals. As did my friend who was the reason I was there to begin with.

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    Would someone kindly post a link to the Hermann Historica buckle auction. Can't seem to find these items on their website, but would like to get échauffé at those phantastic prices myself!

    Thanks and kind regards

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    Hello Kurt, The buckle sale is there, but they insist that you have to be a "member" to be able to access it. You'll have to sign up and register with them first-then you can see everything.

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