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Interesting buckle

Article about: This buckle was at the SOS. Not sure what this is but emedals Had it priced at \\$4500.

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    This buckle was at the SOS. Not sure what this is but emedals Had it priced at $4500. They say it is a Danish Schilenberg corp.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Interesting buckle  

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    Must admit Kirby never seen one, there is an officer version of this in the Angolia book under the fantasy buckles, any pics of the rear?

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    I saw that one at E-Medals also. At first had 'price-on-request' then added that price later.

    A Ultra Rare Danish Schalburg Corps Belt Buckle | eMedals

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    Interesting seeing the rear pics, warrants further investigation IMO

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    Unbelievable..... $4500 for a questionable buckle at best. Even if real - how does someone put that type of price on a buckle - it's a piece of steel for Christ sake. This is another reason why this hobby is faltering due to outrageous prices being asked by our "esteemed" internet dealers.

    Maybe we should take a poll and ask our forum members - would you pay $4500 for this buckle?

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    A dealer is free to ask whatever they feel an item is worth. This same dealer was asking 1200 for a nickel O&C SS EM buckle. There were a bunch of these at the show priced at $700 or less. This buckle has to be very rare but how many collectors are looking for one. Personally the only buckle I would pay $4500 for would be the prototype SS officer with the eagle clutching the Runes. If the Bakelite SS EM buckle exists that would be a second one.

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    I have always used a rule that when buying items what is the say buckle I am buying worth to me. For example a few years ago I bought this Carl Balmberger, Nuernberg Heer buckle, at the time I was concentrating on Heer buckles and it was the only buckle I have ever seen, so I paid $225 for the buckle. Again expensive for a worn buckle in this condition but meant the world to me at that time. Also what dealers ask and what they actually get or even if they sell the item is different again. Gottlieb had a buckle for two years that he wanted 5k for and ended up selling it for 3.5k, I believe it was Kirby who told me that and the buckle was a prototype Diplomatic buckle (the batman winged one)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Interesting buckle   Interesting buckle  

    Interesting buckle   Interesting buckle  


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    Very interesting buckle but way too rich for me!.....
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