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Article about: Hello Guido Hopefully "debbi" will respond early next week. I must admit though, the earlier comments from the said forum member did take me by surprise. Regards, David

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    Default 'Kyffhäuser'

    Here is a buckle that is regularly faked and to be quite honest, isolating the good from the bad is a real problem. The 'Kyffhäuser' buckle appears in at least two period catalogues, as both Assmann and St. u L.

    Apparently, the Kyffhäuserbund origins lie in a section of the Deutscher Kriegerbund (German Warrior League) that was established in 1900 in order to unite the formerly scattered and fragmented German war veterans' associations.

    Some of these organisations had apparently been maintaining the famous Kyffhäuser memorial and the league, was initially named "Kyffhäuserbund Der Deutschen Landeskriegerverbände" (Kyffhäuser League of the German Warriors Associations), a name that became later abbreviated to "Kyffhäuserbund".

    At one point, this organisation had 2.8 million war veteran members and had become one of the largest fraternal groups within Germany.

    The Kyffhäuserbund was alerted against the growing social democratic movements within Germany and the difficult circumstances of the post Great War years, lead to a significant shrinking of this veterans association and their importance. In 1921 and during the Weimar Republic, the organisation shed an inherited federal structure and centralised itself under a common leadership. Following this step, it changed its name to "Deutscher Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' e.V." (German Warriors Association 'Kyffhäuser'). In the name of “Gleichschaltung”, the Kyffhäuserbund was nazified, post 1933. Five years later, their name was altered to "NS-Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' e.V." (National socialist Reich Warriors Association 'Kyffhäuser'), becoming the sole and exclusive organisation representing the war veterans' interests within the Third Reich.


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    Default Re: 'Kyffhäuser'

    What a belting buckle David, IMO a very rare buckle to find, thanks for showing it

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    Default Re: 'Kyffhäuser'

    Hi David. This belt buckle is not fake, it is just privat made. I think, that is different! The sign is an original head-insignia of the Kyffhäuser-Jugend, the youth organisation of german veteran organisation "Deutscher Reichskriegerbund Kyffhäuser". The original catalogue for equipment and clothing of Kyffhäuser-Jugend shows NO belt buckles. They wear only a normal leather belt. No organisation in Reichskriegerbund and later NS-Reichskriegerbund had a belt buckle!

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    Default Re: 'Kyffhäuser'

    debbi - is this form of address correct ?

    I do so agree with you that both the 35mm and 45mm versions of this buckle are essentially non official or perhaps supporter status, rather than official uniform. That is why of course the original versions of this buckle are so jolly rare and conversely, why the fakers are so eager to do their dirty work.

    Thankyou for your comments.

    By the way, what is your knowledge on Der Stahlhelmbund ?



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    Default Re: 'Kyffhäuser'

    Hi David. For sure, these buckles are only private made and, according my studies, they are postwar products. Nobody was allowed to wear others than official approved. The Reichskriegerbund was very strikt in this. You coud not buy Uniforms or bagdes of Reichskriegerbund in shops! They must be ordered in Berlin in Reichskriegerbund-Entity (Beschaffungsstelle des Reichskriegerbundes). It was like the RZM. Manufacturers have to get a certification which allowed them only to produce. So, these buckles are never worn up to 1943

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    Default Kyffhäuser


    Perhaps I have misunderstood your response.

    We have always suspected that this buckle was not an official uniform item, however that I think would not in the least deter a member wearing it either privately or even with his uniform.

    This is not important.

    This family of buckles though was advertised, sold and presumably worn in the 1930's and this statement may be supported by period catalogues of buckle manufacturers.



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    Default Re: 'Kyffhäuser'

    Sorry David. These catalogues are wrong! The buckles are fantasy born. Nobody was allowed to produce and sell those items. It was prohibited! And up to now nobody could show me any advertisement! I ow all original writen official information of Reichskriegerbund from 1928 to 1942. And there is nothing! Do you have an original buckle catalogue from a manufacturer? Or even an copy of this specific page?

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    Default 'Kyffhäuser'

    F. W. Assmann und Söhne, Lüdenscheid
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    Default 'Kyffhäuser'

    Steinhauer und Lück, Lüdenscheid
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    Default Re: 'Kyffhäuser'

    David, could you please post these catalogues in the rogues gallery?
    We know now, that they are showing forbidden and wrong items!

    Sorry guys for being so cynical, but this thought was a sudden inspiration and had to express it.


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