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Leather Belts and who would have used them

Article about: I doubt very much 45 would be the year of make, leather like this in 45 would have been like rocking horse crap the 33 would be the size

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    Default Re: Wow, what have I found here?

    It is for NSDAP, SA, NSKK, PL

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    There a hundreds of organizations who can wore this belt by RZM, for example Turnerbund, HJ etc

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    Gents just had a email from Peter Nash in ref to this he was saying that this subject is massive and he could write a book just on this subject. He also said that the regulations were not strictly adhered to. I will send a PM to Wim Saris and see if he can find anything in his archives he has access to original documents watch this space!

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    I want to show you a similar piece

    It is not in good condition....

    And inside :

    All is coming from Alsace

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    Gents, just got a reply from Wim:

    this information surely is told about in the regulations, as published in the "Verordnungsblatt der Oberste SA-Führung", the NSKK "Verordnungsblatt",
    as well as the "Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt der DAF", "Mitteilungsblatt der RZM" and other uniform-regulations.
    Normally I would jump in to give you an answer, but the coming months I am extremely busy with getting done my book about railroad eagles, which I
    should have done in March/April next to send it to the publisher. As I am behind scedule for four/five months now I do need all my time available.

    Sorry. Remind me later this year. Largely 45.0 mm brown is for enlisted SA, black for NSKK and Werkschar. The larger double-claws are for leaders, but I do not know out of heart if that is specified as that. 60.0 mm on a brown belt with golden colored double-claw is for political leaders since 1939. I know that during the war their belts should become smaller, due to the raw materials situation.

    Best regards,

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    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    This is a nice army officers zweidorn belt. The Croupon mark indicates a high grade leather leather so belt will be an earlier made piece. Nice original belt nothing rare like that site says, sites will say a lot of things to bump up the price ie DAK Heer buckle just because the paint is a little lighter then bang on an extra $100!!!! Overall nice find

    - - Updated - -

    Just of note there is a good thread on belts like this I will find it and post the link in here
    Thx Ben ;-)

    Yeah, the quality of the leather is outstanding, not to mention the condition... it is a full 1/16" thick, amazing belt really.

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    Default Re: Wow, what have I found here?

    I have owned various belts with Croupon markings the quality of the leather has always been fantastic

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    Default Re: Wow, what have I found here?

    Incidentally, "Croupon" means exactly the same thing as "Kernstück" (the marking seen in post # 13): It's the leather from the back of the animal, which has the toughest structure and highest strength.

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    Default Re: Wow, what have I found here?

    Many thanks for that I never knew where the leather came from on the animal

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    How very interesting, but is it French... for Kernstuck? And what does 256 denote?

    Also, the "45" which I'd guessed to be a date, means? Maker?

    And the 33 towards the end of the leather, any ides?

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