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N.S. Fliegerkorp

Article about: Here are examples of two of the so called N.S. Fliegerkorp buckles. Each displaying a totally different "box", however more interestingly, each with totally different "propell

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    Your reassuring comments are most welcome and I tend to agree that the buckle perhaps has a non official status. Having said that, why does the same buckle appear as item 21789 in the Assmann catalogue. Would Assmann regard it as commercially viable or sensible to produce a buckle with this status?


    Hello David,

    Conceivably it may have been commercially viable for even a comparatively large firm like Assmann to assemble a (very) small production run in this case as all it involved was putting in-stock propeller devices on in-stock buckle blanks. At a time (September 1933 at the latest) when the NSDAP and its branch organisations like the SA and the SS still had the same legal status as any rabbit breeding association and no effective central control on procurement (viz. the RZM) was yet in place, it may well have been a regional SA leader or even a Flieger unit leader who desired to smarten up the aviators under his control.

    Then again, it may well have been a buckle ordained from SA High Command. An argument in favour of this hypothesis would be the existence of plausibly-looking buckles which all differ in construction and finish: SA/SS aviators in the Fliegerstürme , being entitled to a special buckle, but having to procure it themselves, had them made up by whomever was conveniently near. This would account for the Mom-and-Pop-operation look of all of these.

    All of the above is pure speculation of course. I'm pretty sure some, if not all, of the relevant documentation is still extant, but just hasn't been found yet.

    Best regards,

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