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N.S. Studentenbund

Article about: Here are a few images of the NS-Studentenbund buckle. Like so many buckles, we are all very familiar with the quite striking design (not to my taste may I add), although know very little abo

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    Default Re: N.S. Studentenbund

    Wow I have never seen one made by Osang, that is fantastic and new to me

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    Default Osang fake

    The Osang is a fake

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    Default Re: N.S. Studentenbund

    A super piece of detective work Thomas and I think that the two NS-St.B shown by koppel71, well and truly confirm your theory.

    There is a difference between the two and now, clearly shown to the head detail.

    Thankyou for the images koppel71. The fake Osang NS-St.B are rarely seen now and have probably been incorporated into some collections as "original variants" !!.



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    Default Re: N.S. Studentenbund

    thank you. I think this is the fun in our hobby, along
    to the fun, getting new buckles

    nice displayed on the eagle. Is this for a "Sporthemd" ?


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    Default Re: N.S. Studentenbund

    Thanks guys, first time I have seen a fake Osang buckle in any form, can we possibly get better pics of it and get it in the fakes thread?

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    Default Nash

    Correct me if I am wrong... According to "German Belt Buckles 1845-1945 by Peter Nash"
    Page 307 The NPEA buckle was only contracted to Richard Sieper & Sohn M4/38.. This may have been discussed already....Just a comment....Gwar

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    Dear Gwar

    Quite correct insofar as the only known maker (so far) of this buckle is Richard Sieper und Söhne, Lüdenscheid.

    By the way, the buckles within post no. 1 and which display a diamond shaped emblem on a brass box have now been well documented by period images as early Hitler Jugend related.



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    Lovely buckles....

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    Hey! Looking through this older thread and I saw my posts relating to my elusive hunt for such a buckle. Happy to say that I was able to locate and acquire an example. Now I just have to find the other M4/38 variant! LOL!
    Anyhoot....happy to share pics of my buckle.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture N.S. Studentenbund   N.S. Studentenbund  

    N.S. Studentenbund   N.S. Studentenbund  

    N.S. Studentenbund   N.S. Studentenbund  

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    Default Great knowledge

    Hello.. This is directed to Mr. North..
    Excuse me if this is the wrong place for this post as I feel that P.M. may seem "Creepy"
    Your collection and knowledge astounds me... I am quite surprised you are not a moderator of sorts...
    My question is this..
    Is it perhaps plausable that there may be buckles that have not been catagorized or even know about ?? And then "Balked" at ?? I know that we learn from our educators but from time to time new theories arise and with new ideas, theories, and hard evidence some will not budge from "Textbook" examples... Have you ever been down this road and as far as that goes I believe Moderator Evans has stated "You championed a buckle for him" in a different forum....So in short... Should we only look for examples based on pictures and stated facts or make decisions based on a "Gut" feeling some time.... Thank you for your time...Gwar

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