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N.S. Studentenbund

Article about: Here are a few images of the NS-Studentenbund buckle. Like so many buckles, we are all very familiar with the quite striking design (not to my taste may I add), although know very little abo

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    I will let David answer his own question, but to the fact of new buckles and new theories they are here all the time. Even now there are guys working on trying to solve who made certain buckles, there is a thread callled "unknown makers" to which no one in the buckle collecting community knows who the markings are for. In the last few years Heer buckles with the marking SRM and GDGD have only been identified because someone found a buckle with the makers mark on the leather support tab. So new info is being found out all the time. There still maybe buckles out there that no one has seen, and yes some may be be met with caution, but at the end of the day look at the evidence and come to your own conclusions. The Osang studentbund buckle in this thread, wow, in theory and at first glance and pure excitement it looked fantastic, however on closer inspection when the dust has settled look at the prong sleeve, same one as on the SS aluminium fake (along with other red flags). Hope this makes sense? I am sure my good friend David will also comment

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    The Osamg fake came out about 14-15 years ago. I remember seeing one on manion. Can't remember if I bid on one .

    I did look at one at the SOS a few years ago. The quality wasn't close to the real thing and of course the dealer didn't want to believe it was a fake.

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    Funny Kirby, being a fake you would have thought there were more kicking around

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    Must have been a small production. A buckle like the fake Org. Todt you see all the time. At the SOS I must of seen 8-10 every year. I would love to have an original so I look at them closer than the Studentbund buckle.

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    Quote by Gwar View Post
    Hello.. This is directed to Mr. North..
    Excuse me if this is the wrong place for this post as I feel that P.M. may seem "Creepy"
    Your collection and knowledge astounds me... I am quite surprised you are not a moderator of sorts...
    My question is this..
    Is it perhaps plausable that there may be buckles that have not been catagorized or even know about ?? And then "Balked" at ?? I know that we learn from our educators but from time to time new theories arise and with new ideas, theories, and hard evidence some will not budge from "Textbook" examples... Have you ever been down this road and as far as that goes I believe Moderator Evans has stated "You championed a buckle for him" in a different forum....So in short... Should we only look for examples based on pictures and stated facts or make decisions based on a "Gut" feeling some time.... Thank you for your time...Gwar
    Dear Gwar

    A very interesting question that you have posed.

    I fully accept and respect that there are many buckle collectors who embrace a very disciplined purist philosophy by advocating objectivity over subjectivity, although I have always and in my Neanderthal sort of way, bought with my heart rather than my head. I am not for one moment promoting or suggesting recklessness, laziness or say a cavalier attitude, however I think that it very important and actually part of the joy of collecting, to heavily rely on instinct and of course, experience. By all means, read the reference works and which and without exception are non definitive and riddled with mistakes and errors, with this not being meant as a criticism. They are guides as no more and no less and well done the various authors. Importantly, talk on this forum and where all collectors are warmly welcomed and where within the forum there are no egos, bully boys and/or offensive exchanges. All levels of discussion is encouraged and I cannot recall ever a member being derided or ridiculed due to a "blindly obvious" question or their lack of command of the English language. We are a family and we share, help and support to the benefit of the family as a whole. Finally, trawl the dealer/auction sites and make a note of the comments whether good, bad or indifferent and save the images to establish a cross reference data base.

    So and in a long winded sort of way and which I apologise for, my suggestion and answer to the question is harvest the information, analyse the information and then, trust in your instinct and be prepared to "go out on a limb".

    The original question also suggested that there may still be buckles by design yet to be discovered, documented and dignified, towards which I would say - most definitely. Perhaps less so to the post 1933 manufactured buckles (I recently posted an Assmann RAD buckle that was manufactured without a swastika on the spade), however more so to those which were designed and manufactured during the NSDAP Kampfzeit. As some within the forum knows, this is my focused area of collecting and I hold buckles which are little known, being non documented and not appearing within any of the reference works. This is not vanity on my part and instead, a demonstration of buying with instinct and dare I say experience - rather than blindly trudging down the narrow furrow ploughed by and with all due respect, the so called experts.

    In my opinion, as yet undocumented buckles are still out there which is exciting to say the least.

    Regards and best wishes,


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    Thanks for your reply... I didn't mean any reference to fellow members as "The balkers" but in a general way that some, As I have done in the past, conform to the information readily at hand and may dismiss a non charateristic buckle as spurious.. When in fact a great find is left in a dusty flea market, garage or what have you.. I will study up on the forum here and as well with my "Nash" book... While (We) - (I) am on this subject... I am going to look for a reference guide called "Angola", Are there any other printed books you have found useful or would recommend to a collector ?? Again thanks for your reply....Gwar

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    You will want Angolia's. revised edition of Belt buckles and brocade of the third reich. It is 4-5 x the size of his original buckle book. You might be able to get it from Bender Publishing or I'm sure Amazon has it..

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    If anyone is interested in acquiring an NPEA/Student buckle, I havee an extra. see My Collection

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    The one I see in your collection thread looks like a steel repo. You might want to post some photos.

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    I for one would prefer that the buckle or buckles as the subject of this post (wrong sub forum of course) are shown individually, rather than as somewhat strangely "En Masse".



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