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Strafbatailione Koppelschloss

Article about: Guido, many thanks mate, I think a photo like has been needed to be shown on forums for a while, any idea from the uniform of a date? Mit freundlich grusse Ben

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    Alec, you are like a dog with a bone lol, there is no reference mate, if there were any good info on these buckles it would have been published by now, yes there are some undiscovered gems but this one mate is written in the stars


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    I thought that I had expressed my opinion clearly, but no probs, here for you again Alec!

    At first, the picture that you have shown is not a wartime photo!!!
    I don't know at all if your source is reliable as I don't know the author of this book and it is absolutely not documented how he has come to the conclusion that soldiers in a German penal unit have worn a neutral buckle without motto "GOTT MIT UNS"! If you ask me, I bet that he has done no research to verify this statement!

    Again, I do not think that the brain buckle has anything to do with a penal unit before I will come across a relevant regulation or a period taken picture with a penal unit soldier who is wearing such a buckle. No more and no less!

    "Rancour" is the wrong word and perhaps "sarcasm" is better said!
    I am sorry to say but a man who is showing a dealers bill as an evidence can not be taken seriously in my eyes! No harm meant!


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    This has actually become a very educational thread...I believe it makes perfect sense that such a generic buckle would have been produced for all those belts that required non-nazi buckles in the postwar period for public services like the fire dept, police, railroad, postal service, etc...Guido's photo is evidence enough to make a believer out of me...I never quite believed the story about penal units issuing different buckles...
    cheers, Glenn

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