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a strange buckle ?

Article about: I thought someone would have pounced on me by clumsily "comparing" a smooth finish to a pebbled finish. These smooth finish buckles do not fill me with confidence, however, who kno

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    Default a strange buckle ?

    have you seen that before ?
    tab dated 1941 and belt 1942
    thanks for answers
    a strange buckle ?
    a strange buckle ?

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    Circuit advertisement a strange buckle ?
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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    Didier, from the prongs I would say that the tab reads Berge & Nolte? Is that correct?

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    Hello Ben
    that's right
    do you know who used this buckle ?

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    nobody knows ?
    may be it's not military ?

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    Difficult, although I have always regarded this "neutral" as post 1945.

    The various suggestions however are (a) a pre 1945 buckle, (b) a post 1945 buckle, (c) a buckle worn by "special" pre 1945 groups and of course not forgetting (d), a buckle worn by members of the Condor Legion.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture a strange buckle ?  

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    Hello David
    thank you

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    Can't help with who would have worn this buckle.....but I really like it. Love these "enigmatic" buckles!
    Superbe boucle!


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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    Didier, again as has been stated a buckle that is a bit of an enigma, if Berge & Nolte carried on making buckles after the war then maybe that could be a post war connection, my own personal feeling is that the buckle was made pre 45, I base that on the construction of the buckle from the rear, the prongs, catch all very typical of Nolte, then there is the tab, nice wear to it, again original and matches in with the buckle in that both wear made by Nolte. So all in all, I think you have a very interesting buckle that actually answers but also asks alot of question!

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?

    thanks Gentlemen for all explanations
    so, a supposition, if this buckle is genuine, what is your own opinion (feeling) about who used these buckles ?
    civilian units ?
    I hope you can understand my bad english !!!

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    Default Re: a strange buckle ?


    here one exemple for a buckle what apparently was worne at same time likes LC .

    a strange buckle ?a strange buckle ?a strange buckle ?a strange buckle ?
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    Regards ,

    I'm searching for
    Buckles 3.Reich

    special SA/NSKK/NSFK with maker marks

    Link to my collection :

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