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Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?

Article about: David, thanks for the flowers - I think these swastika buckles were made for all the right wing groups in the Weimar period. For example, the Deutschvölkische Freiheitspartei ( German Völkis

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    Default Re: Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?

    Quote by David North View Post
    Come on Thomas, let us have your thoughts as to what you think that these buckles are ! I know that you are extremely knowledgeable with regard to the NS "early" buckles.


    Hello ,

    that also my interest ! Here my buckle .

    The case is made of steel, brass coatet and the roundel is made from nickelsilver .

    Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?
    Regards ,

    I'm searching for
    Buckles 3.Reich

    special SA/NSKK/NSFK with maker marks

    Link to my collection :

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    Circuit advertisement Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?
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    Default Re: Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?

    A very nice buckle, Markus. I think the question of maker is still open and muddled by the enigmatic relationships between makers and component (e.g., boxes/roundels, Assmann/Overhoff.) Attached here is a photo merge of my buckle posted previously and the reproduction found on the TRADERS OF THE LOST SURLPUS - TOTLS.COM website. It seems odd to me that this buckle would appear on this website but not be found in any references or collections. Could the pairing be original or is this is a fantasy roundel which has been artificially aged and soldered to an original period box? I have contacted to inquire about the repro buckle in question and so perhaps we may have more info and a photo of the reverse. Best, Adam
    Attached Images Attached Images Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ? 

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    Default Re: Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?

    Dear Adam

    I applaud your tenacity and really, I think that the scalloped rim roundel buckle is worth further investigation. In reality though, I do not hold out much hope that the buckle will be proven as a pre 1945 item, although as they say "hope springs eternal" and it is an interesting topic.

    Without risking being booed off stage, there may be a precedent here. Perhaps you remember the infamous buckle which displays a swastika set on a crossed hammer and sword? Discussed on the forum I think and known as a rampant fake. There are however very rare examples of this buckle where there is a sublime detail difference and toward which, I think are pre 1945.

    Anyway, back to the scalloped rim roundel buckle.

    Your photo merge may and with all due respect be a tad misleading, as side by side, one of the roundels is upside down. Note the position of the swastika extremes in relation to either the top of a scallop or where the scallops meet. I have attached another photo merge and where the roundels are similarly positioned.

    Really very difficult to establish if these are the same roundels or whether one, is either a copy or an inspiration from the other. It would greatly help if you could obtain a high definition image of the buckle being offered on the dealers site.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unidentified "large swastika" buckle ?  

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