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Unknown belt buckle

Article about: Thanks for that really thorough and very interesting description of these Mecklenburg buckles Kurt... it's always fascinating to get the whole background history and for us novices it's anot

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    Default Unknown belt buckle


    any ideas about this buckle?

    Attached Images Attached Images Unknown belt buckle Unknown belt buckle Unknown belt buckle Unknown belt buckle 

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    According to my book it's a Mecklenberg Strelitz buckle...

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    ... and the value 3 years ago was $110 - 165....

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    Thank you Hansi


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    The picture I have in this book shows a slightly different roundel... yours has the big starburst around it whereas this one has a normal roundel with platted rope instead... It has exactly the same design though. There's also a photo shown of the 76th Mecklenburgische Schwerin Infantry Regiment, Hannover... Cheers, Hansi

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    using your information, I found this on the web The Collector's Guild

    look at the price.

    Mine has a 3 point solder as 2 on the website.


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    Nice buckle, Jean and I believe Hansi's reference (in the Nash book?) is correct. In my limited experience I haven't seen one before with such a large roundel. I believe these are a lot higher-valued now, though as I have seen them listed on dealer sites for around 400-500 Euros.


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    Default Re: Unknown belt buckle

    Wow... that's expensive... beautiful buckle though, so is yours. That's interesting that yours has the 3 solder points. Another thing that I've noticed... although it's not quite clear in the photos... but the collector's Guild buckle doesn't appear to have the same shaped edges (running along from the ears) as yours, they appear to be in one long straight curve whereas yours has a curve and then a cut-out... interesting. I'm sure that one of the experts will soon jump on line and be able to tell you everything about this... I love this design though, have you already purchased it or still thinking about it?

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    Actually.. this one has a large roundel without the starburst...Unknown belt buckle

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    Default Re: Unknown belt buckle

    Hi everybody,

    There were two Grand Duchies of Mecklemburg: Mecklemburg-Schwerin and Mecklemburg-Strelitz, named for their respective prince's seat and ruled by different branches of the same family. Hence the identical coat of arms on both buckles. Schwerin's has the star to distinguish it from the other one. Both states were really small and had peacetime army contingents to match. However, the Strelitz contingent was comparatively the smaller of the two. In theory then, the Strelitz buckle should be much rarer, but after all this time I don't suppose there is much difference as to the number of surviving originals. Redgemak's buckle is of the pre-1895 type, for the 5 cm wide belt. These buckles can have 4, 3 or 2 solder spots.

    These are, and have been since the 60ies, heavily faked. It is common to find faked roundels attached to original buckle boxes. The one Hansi shows from the Nash book is 100% fake (cast copy roundel, as evidenced by a vertical line of pebbles blending into each other). This is not a feature of Redgemak's buckle, but the stars reaching out over the top and bottom of the buckle box are supposed to be a bad sign. Fotos aren't too clear, but am not sure if better ones would help. If you have it in hand, try taking off a small sliver of the nickle. Should a copper red base metal emerge, you are sure to have a fake. If the roundel is solid nickle, chances are it's good.

    Prices are really high for these from the large, well-known dealers. What you really buy for EUR500 is a return priviledge. Considering the number and quality of fakes, it might just be worth it!

    Best regards, Kurt

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