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Article about: My wife, daughter and myself were recently involved in a nasty car crash in which my wifes car was written off, it was being driven by me at the time and we were hit by an idiot who ran a re

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    Default Re: Xmas

    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    I think I may end up getting a new helmet for Xmas. The in-laws will be confused at my joy when I hungrily tear at the helmet sized box I reckon...
    Only to find it is sox ........................AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers mate!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Default Re: Xmas

    Quote by Danmark View Post
    Only to find it is sox ........................AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers mate!
    and a tie...
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    Default Re: Xmas

    Quote by meyle77 View Post
    and a tie...
    I like ties...

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    Default Re: Xmas

    Im kinda spoiled this christmas lol! I got the brandnew Driod D.N.A from my grandparents. I got a named wwii Four pocket jacket with armored Amphib assualt patch and special engineers patch. And Just recently a wwii vet bring back kurkri. And i might get a new Razer gaming mouse with the extra cash. And also im getting a wwii U-Boat light from my grandpa lol.

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    Default Re: Xmas

    Well, I killed my motorbike beginning of this year, ran it without oil and the big end bearings have gone. Took the thing apart and now its all over the place. Got pieces hidden everywhere in the house! This summer as the complete bike is stripped to pieces I resprayed the feultank and fenders in Jack Daniels label. Would love to put everything back together a take it for a spin next spring (with oil this time!) so I asked my girlfriend to have the enigine redone. So no military stuff for me this year, just want my bike back on the raod (and she wants her kitchen cupboards back where I been hiding parts).

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    My wife is giving me another year of having to hear about how much I spend on helmets and how much she hates them.

    I may have to get myself something
    Thats why I buy what I want for Xmas then give it to her to wrap lol

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    Default Re: Xmas

    Quote by Danmark View Post
    Only to find it is sox ........................AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers mate!
    Mate not the dreaded sox lol why is it sox, hankies and toiletries!!!

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    Default Re: Xmas

    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    Thats why I buy what I want for Xmas then give it to her to wrap lol
    LOL I hear that! Last year I bought my christmas helmets and my parents gave them to me. I mainly do this because of the number of fakes. This will keep any of them from getting taken advantage of. If I can work on paying off my last big money helmet, than I will be happy with that for Christmas.

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    No one buys me militaria but following our trip to Gallipoli my wife has bought me the 'Gallipoli Then & Now' book!

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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Xmas

    A stone mint reichsbahn schirmmuetze. I am very lucky this Christmas.

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