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YES YOU CAN!!! Sell Third Reich buckles on eBay, as long as they are fake! Check these out!!!

Article about: DISCLAIMER, this post is for education/humor purposes, have fun with these!!! There hasn't been anything on eBay this fake in a long time, it's almost like a breath of fresh air... Some &quo

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    That we'll have to see... plenty of his stuff sold though and eBay doesn't interfere with sold items "they didn't catch in time". eBay gets a slice of the pie, not just from "banned" items with swastikas, but pure fake garbage items. They don't have quite as much integrity as they like to think they do...

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    Circuit advertisement YES YOU CAN!!! Sell Third Reich buckles on eBay, as long as they are fake! Check these out!!!
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    The seller's TR related items are now gone from Ebay.

    I also received the following message "I want to thank you for setting me straight, I'm not sure what I would have done with out you. Thanks for your intervention, E-bay is now better off. Now you can go back to your boring life."

    What a knob, he sells fake junk then complains when Ebay pulls his posting of items that contravene Ebay policy.

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    eBay are the ultimate hypocrites... Yes, they "pulled" the items, even all the sold ones so there's no trace of their having ever been listed, however, last I saw they all sold, including a typical fake Gestapo warrant badge, which was nearing a couple hundred bucks.

    I'm sure eBay's gone out of their way to contact everyone who bought items from him to make sure that the items were all returned for refunds and eBay's final selling fees reversed...

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    No that won't happen.

    I now have the seller 'following' me on Ebay...always nice to have a stalker.

    Also another nice message "You keep saying they re fake. So big shot what makes you such an expert. Who are you to say they re fake. And oh by the F/U.

    - barry39"

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    What is F/U?

    According to his sold items page, he sold one buckle that didn't have a Swas on it, that's it.

    Glenn, let me give you some free advice ;-) If you have anything on eBay right now (or plan to in the future), go find your "blocked bidder" list (follow the site map down to "SELLING", top of middle column) and add this clown to it. People with a score to settle will actually buy an item from you (I learned this the hard way), to retaliate about a transaction that went wrong when they sold you a defective or damaged item.

    They will then claim the item is damaged, leave negative feedback, etc.

    I'm going to go do it myself, better safe than sorry.

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    It's all good. The seller and I have chatted like adults now. He asked for advice on avoiding fakes so I directed him here. He thanked me so I have to assume he's legit. Still have him blocked of course, that's a no brainer.

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    Ebay have messaged me advising that the seller has been warned for his earlier inappropriate messages to me and that further infractions may lead to suspension or banning from Ebay. Perhaps that explains his now more courteous demeanor?

    If he values his Ebay 'business' I hope he refrains from the fake buckle business in future. Perhaps one 'bad egg' has been removed from the world of fraudsters...about a gazillion more to go.

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    Good work Glenn

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