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DAK L/W pics

Article about:, he looks like Hugh Laurie from 'House'. Eric

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    Default DAK L/W pics

    Hi guys,thought i'd post these. Regards Stewy
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DAK L/W pics   DAK L/W pics  

    DAK L/W pics   DAK L/W pics  

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Nice pics Stewy, but he sure needs a shave.

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    And a bath too,no doubt. Regards Stewy

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    I just noticed his collar patches (kragenspiegel) are luftwaffe, but his other badges are heer, he has a flak badge so he could be crewing 88mm`s in an anti-tank role ?

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Hi Zwerge maybe you or someone else out there can help me with info. Did this "borrowing" of uniforms etc happen much? I'm curious to find out. Many thanks Stewy

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Hi Guys, it is quite well documented about these particular units using Heer tropical uniforms when they were first deployed to North Africa. This was down to a shortage of the correct Luftwaffe pattern in 1941.

    The units were three battl's drawn from Flak Regt's: 6, 18 and 33.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Adrian is quite correct,
    This was by no means uncommon due to shortages of supplies and the need to identify a units identity 'in field'.
    The informal appearance is indicative of a frontline soldier of that period. I would suspect his superiors were in similar condition.
    Great character photos - a plaesure to see.

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Kinda look like he set himself up a "combat" photo. In the soft cap photo everything's calm, in the next pic he's in a helmet with smoke in the background, yet the jacket is the same, right down to the wrinkles, note the epaulets. Or maybe they were in action and things are calm now. eh..just a thought.


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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Certainly same tunic (as I'd expect) but the terrain/vegetation is completely different in the two images.

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    Default Re: DAK L/W pics

    Weeell...not completely different Mark, in the helmet photo look beyond the open ground where the vegetation sharply starts up again, he could be standing where the vegetation in the soft cap photo just as sharply stops, ie, he just turns around for the second photo? I just thought the soft cap pic looked natural. The helmet pic kinda looks staged, that's all.

    Same jacket, of course. But look at the ribbon in the button hole, exact same wrinkle, the right epilet on his right sholder, buldged up in both photos, left epilet lays flat in both. these things should change with a lot of movement. Look at how long his beard is, exact same lengh in both photos...[just kidding]

    On the other hand, maybe it is a tru action shot. He is wearing a Flak badge, and there IS something burning on the horizon. Maybe he just shot down an aircraft, and IS posing with his "kill". Combat over, took off his helmet and put on his soft cap just in time for the second photo. eather way I think the two photos were taken VERY close together.

    Anyone read German, what's it say on the back?


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