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Heydrich funeral pics

Article about: Here's some pics you might like to see. Regards Stewy

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    Quote by PHILBROWN View Post
    great look forward to seeing those, there fantastic, you can tell me where you stood when you took them
    Today i feel like i'm the one in the coffin mate. Self inflicted though.. Stewy

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    Hi all

    These Photos are 100% Original!

    Oi Stewy.....I see you have spelt your Name wrong in some of the water markings!!

    Try a spell checker next time

    I'm Driving mines a Coke

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    Only if you spell my name right next time. No i must thank my mate Justin (bogthedoguk) for w/marking then for me. I'm cpu stupid & would've got in a right mess,thanks mate. Stewy

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    Thank you very much for those great photos of Heydrich!s funeral. Accordiing to Find A Grave - Millions of Cemetery Records the grave is still there, but was wrecked by the Americans and the Russians. I also read somewhere that Lina removed his remains to the island she was living on.

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    Stewy , just seen your posting ! fantastic images and documentation , you can really feel the emotion there ,and that coffin looks mighty heavy !!! Pardon my ignorance , but how did his life end ?

    cheers Al

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    It's interesting to note that the coffin was covered with the SS flag in the Prague Castle, the Reichsdienstflagge for the funeral cortege to the Prince Albrecht Palace, then the party flag to the Mosaic Chamber of the Reichs Chancellory.

    Apparently, due to Heydrich various functions and affiliations, there were a variey of protocols to contend with.

    Here's an account of the assassination - others exist that blame the driver - who was not Heydrich's usual driver - for stopping the car to begin with and not speeding away from the attack. This one gives Heydrich a heroic role by stating he ordered the car to stop so he could fight off the attackers himself.

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    Hi PJM , thanks for that info ,
    cheers Al

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    Quote by ALLERBERGER View Post
    Pardon my ignorance , but how did his life end ?

    cheers Al
    Lived by the sword, died by the sword.

    Operation Anthropoid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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    thanks Gus , great stuff !!
    cheers Al

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    Many years ago, a collector I knew met a woman who had intended to write a book on Heydrich. She was working in conjunction with Heydrich's widow. The book deal fell apart when the widow wanted entire control over the final editing of the book. She wanted the book to be a heroic epic, not one that dealt with the monster Reinhard Heydrich truly was. Before, every thing exploded, Heydrich's widow had given the lady several of his calling cards, a couple of pieces of his personal stationary and one personal photograph. This material has since moved on to who knows where.
    On another note, the widow still had Heydrich's uniforms and decoration. She even retrained the blast shreded, bloody uniform Heydrich wore the day he was fragmented by the bomb. It is rumored that custody of this material changed hands shortly before the death of the woman. According to the story, the material reposes in the collection of a wealthy German businessman who promised to homor the memory of her husband through caring for his things. Of course, I have heard similar runors about the Blutfahne.


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