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Interesting photo

Article about: My friends father passed away a while back and he found this photo in some of his belonging's and he gave me the pic to see if i could find any info on what was being signed and where, any i

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    OUF! my memory is good

    Thank for posting the pic !!

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    Haha Pierre... good memory

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    Very modest also pierre thanks for that guys

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    It's a pre-war meeting of the Reichsstatthalter in the Reichschancellery. From left to right we have Franz Ritter von Epp, Fritz Sauckel, possibly Martin Mutschmann, Robert Heinrich Wagner, Carl Roever and Karl Kaufmann.
    On the right of the table it's Walther Funk, Heinrich Lammers, Hitler and Rudolf Hess. I can't identify the standing man - could be Darre. If these ID's are correct, the missing Reichstatthalter (from the photo) would be Jakob Sprenger, Alfred Meyer, Friedrich Hildebrandt and Wilhelm Murr. (Unless anyone can better match these names with the people in the photo).
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    The correct IDs are (l to r) von Epp, Sauckel, Mutschmann, Wagner, Röver, Hildebrandt, Funk, Lammers, AH, unknown Reichskanzlei official (not Bormann, Darré or Ribbentrop) and Hess. It is a meeting of the Reichsstatthalter in the old Reichskanzlei and the photo is a Hoffmann press photo which was used as Bild 77 of Gruppe 66 in the Adolf Hitler Sammelwerk 15.

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    Spot on. I couldn't discern Hildebrandt's moustache at that resolution - thought it was shadow and was trying to identify by the hairstyle. I can confirm the hands at the far right (to the left of Hess) belong to Wilhelm Frick.

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    U know your stuff guy's thankyou very much
    cheer's Ronnie

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    Quote by 85ronnies View Post
    U know your stuff guy's thankyou very much
    cheer's Ronnie
    No problem, but just realised I didn't upload the image to show Frick on the far right.
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    Friends, here is an interesting photo from my collection. I was told these are members of the freikorps. What do you think? Any guess on a date for this photo? My opinion is late 1920s. What about the insignias on their hats, notice they vary in style. Also the flag; it looks like an organizational flag but with the Germany tri-band motif. Take a look at the street sign in the background. It's hard to read but any idea as to the name? Many thanks! --Will
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