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Jersey occupation album

Article about: Hi, i sent a few pics of the album to the Jersey heritage centre and they have replied saying they loved it, rgds Dave

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    Hi, i sent a few pics of the album to the Jersey heritage centre and they have replied saying they loved it, rgds Dave

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    I bet they Did, Glad you found the send Button

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    the archive centre have got back to me giving me some more info on the golf course saying its still there but was heavily mined by the germans incase of invasion, they also would be interested in it if i ever wanted to deposit it with them i personally think its better in my collection cheers Dave

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    Jersey 34

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    I am the owner of the Channel Islands Military Museum here in Jersey. I am a collector of photo albums, soldbuch, wehrpass and any other items from German soldiers who have a direct connection with the Channel Islands (Kanalinseln) Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm.
    I note that the previous person to respond to this thread suggests contacting Jersey Heritage, sounds like a good idea but the neither buy nor have the money to do so.
    As a point of interest I have already been in contact with the owner of the album as he has listed it on ebay for sale. I have seen the scans of all the pictures and there is in fact nothing from the Island. The leaflet/notice supposedely signed G.V.Schmettow is a post war fantasy item (not a copy, it never existed) One glaring error to the item is the G.V., this should read Graf Von Schmettow. There would never be a shortening of what amounts to an almost royal title.
    Unfortunately, David appears to have been slightly "had", in that the album is not what it appears to be. Its a case of caveat emptor.

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    Jersey 34

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    Having just found a page of messages regarding the album I had missed it is correct there is a golf club or two over here but niether of them look anything like the building in the photo's. Both the La Moye, and the Royal Jersey Club houses are totally different in appearence.
    I wish it was a Jersey album, as I would be bidding on it for my museum archive for sure.

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    When i sent pics to the Jersey heritage centre they didnt say the notice was a fantasy ,it was shown apparently to two different jersey researchers there and neither said it was bad,after sending closer pics of golf club they did say that that club was in belgium and some buildings they didnt recognise but didnt say they recognised nothing,they also said it was very interesting and asked that they would be interested in it if i ever wanted to deposit it with them, i think that the vet who obtained it guessed at the places, i never sent you 175 pics to check only approx 18, but you may be correct as like i say i have never been to Jersey and can only post what the pics say and show, i also adjusted my description after your message today, rgds Dave

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    Jersey 34, Regarding the Photo Album. I gave Jersey Heritage Link as a Suggestion. Note I never implied they Maybe interested to Buy this! As this is a Forum your entitled to your opinion. Just as Jersey Heritage site gave theres to Dave. Talking of Opinions!! You have been a member here since Nov 2008........Yet you only point out your Opinion on this Album now....This thread is over a Month Old, Does appear a little strange don't you think?

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    Dave, I have a Channel Islands Occupied book with an original image of these posters on walls! I cant say its identical but will unpack the book from its storage to have a look for you. Back as soon as possible

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    Jersey 34

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    No Dave you did not send all the photos to me as I asked!!!!, also you sent the ones which you said were captioned as Jersey.... unfortunately none of them are from here.
    As for Heritage, their job is to gather up whatever they can.... deposit does not mean buy, and you later listed it on ebay so there's no intention to keep it so why not let Heritage have it?
    To answer the chap who asks why I have only responded to this topic in the time I have been a member. Well having found the album on ebay on a few days ago and whilst last night doing a trawl of the internet I found a link to the album on this site. Obviously I had a look and read what was being said. I don't look at all the forums I am a member of all the time and so this was a thread of interest to me I responded.
    As for the chap who mentions that there are similar posters he is correct, but that is not an original.... its fantasy, thats all there is to it.
    You guys seem to be defending this album, do any of you know Jersey? if you can show me anything in the album that is original and from the Island then please do so. I collect original Channel Island kit, I have done now for 40 years. I specialize in such things for my museum archive, I have no axe to grind, just that when something is not as its described I have to let the facts be known. As fellow collectors that should be up most in your mind also. I know a lot of people when asked an opinion about an item shy away from telling the truth in case they upset the owner if it is a wrong item.
    I have looked at what I have been shown of the album, and nothing adds up..... I have pointed that out.... its fact.
    I live on the Island its supposed to be from, I have an advantage, its my job, my passion. I collect Channel Island albums so if correct then why not shut up and bid..... because its not what it purports to be. Even David has altered the title description and dropped Jersey..... why if he knows it correct.
    You guys carry on, collect as you do and I will do what I do. I am just glad that I base my "opinions" on first hand knowledge of the Island and many years collecting experience. If any of you are interested to see some good Jersey items have a look through Home you may see some interesting items which may get you to visit the Island. We have 100's of bunkers, and loads of kit left by the Germans. Jersey is well worth a visit, as it The Channel Islands Military Museum.

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    Firstly,you did not ask for me to send you a scan of every photo in the album , i sent you approx 18 from pages that had Jersey captions thinking that 18 would be enough, i did not donate it to the Heritage centre as I was not given it as a deposit and cannot afford to give things away , but all i can say is they looked at the pics and NEVER said the notice was wrong , are the pics of the ships unloading the vehicles wrong or are you just dissmissing them all ? and again i have never been to Jersey so what you say maybe correct and the heritage centre maybe wrong on the notice but thats how i got it , can you also tell me the pics at the end ,are they the german commanders of Jersey ? but if turns out what you say is true well i have bought an album thats at least got 175 pics and two awards certs so not a complete loss, i always fancied a trip to Jersey this has brought it back to my thoughts so may go in the not to distant future, rgds Dave

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