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Jersey occupation album

Article about: Hi, i sent a few pics of the album to the Jersey heritage centre and they have replied saying they loved it, rgds Dave

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    Jersey 34

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    I think you will find that my original email did ask for scans of all the pages..... this is necessary to assess the value/worth of the album to my archive. And the pictures you had used were not of Jersey so I needed to see all the others to get an idea of what the album contained. On seeing the leaflet/poster alarm bells rang, Heritage may well not have commented on it, but then they don't specialize in the Occupation and the person you dealt with may well not have known.... feel free to ask them, or give me the name of the person and I will contact them.
    The harbour shown is definitely not Jersey or Guernsey....not the Channel Islands. And no, the photo's of the group of German officers are not from here either.
    There is 100% nothing in the album from here in the way of photos and the leaflet poster is fantasy....sorry I can't change that. But as you say there are enough photos/citations etc to fetch a decent amount, but the over riding fact for me is that it is not a local album and as such it has to be pointed out as it is not correct. I am sure you would be a bit annoyed to go and buy something which you believed was original only to find that it wasn't. I am sure you will sell it, but selling it as a local item would be wrong.
    I have made my point based on facts, nothing else. As far as I am concerned there is no more to say, I have laid it out for you and if you believe me or not its up to you.

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    Jersey34 (Sorry dont know your name), I have been very interested in reading your thoughts on this. And as the Jersey occupation expert here, your thoughts are appreciated so dont take it the wrong way. You seem to be correct on the poster, its certainly not the same. If Dave has indeed been sold something that isnt, then he still has a decent amount of images to fall back on. Dave, do the images have writing on the reverse?

    Cheers, Dan

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    Thank you Jersey 34, for your replies to my questions, i just rechecked the first email from you and you asked for closer scans of the Jersey photos not the whole album that i did state was also belgium or susposedly belgium pics anyway as you know a lot more on Jersey than me it appears the person who wrote the jersey captions got his guess wrong, i was told a member of the raf brought this back from jersey, who knows it may have been left by the germans and this vet presumed it was jersey pics , but i dont know and like i said its a guess,Hi Dan the pics that are loose have a few words in unreadable german, the other pics are stuck in so i cant check them,oh well i still have my berghof ss album which i DO know is the berghof this pics the zum turken and the other is the albums origional owner, thanks again Dave
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Jersey occupation album   Jersey occupation album  

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    And what a beauty the Berghoff album is!

    I have an album signed with all details in it from a guy in the Balloon regiment. Never left the island but has an album full of pics from Antwerp etc... I will never know why!

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