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Komoto's Interesting Photographs (SS, SD, Personalities etc.) WARNING: incl. graphic content

Article about: I will use this thread to share my photographs taken by family or given to a family member from their friends during this time as well as others i just redcently got made into photographs fr

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    Komoto, I found your photographs and historical information provided by members very fascinating. Please continue to post your amazing collection! Thanks, Bob

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    Can only agree. I've bookmarked this thread. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos!

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    After a flourish of posting activity he seems to have disappeared. I hope we didn't offend him.

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    Quote by Komoto View Post
    For carpediem, with whom i talked about the battles around Metz.
    This picture is from the younger brother of my grandfather who was with the 17. SS Division Götz von Berlichingen. The backside says "September 1944"
    So what we see here is a Waffen SS Sniper of the 17. SS Division. I wonder how many soldiers were equipped with the "Zielfernrohr" on their rifle during the Battle of Metz

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    Must say as I am an uneducated buffoon that never finished high school! that this is a published photograph that is fairly common! Hope someone else pointed this out here?

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    Rene that may be possible as he said one of his relatives was with the Ahnenerbe so we would expect some photographs would have been published. This particular photo doesn't look like a snap taken by a soldier, but an official military photographer for propaganda purposes.

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    Sorry but this grabs me ---"This picture is from the younger brother of my grandfather who was with the 17. SS Division Götz von Berlichingen. The backside says "September 1944"

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    Ah! I see what you mean. Actually the flat featureless landscape in the background reminds me more of the Eastern front.

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    ok I maybe a bit too forensic the meta data is also absent.. but I should strip that from my pictures too.. of which I don't!

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    I think it's a case of memory failure years latter when going through his photos. The date may well be 1942, by September 1944 and certainly the Spring of 1945 you would expect a sniper from that SS unit to be in Erbenmuster (pea dot) camo trousers and tunics. I know my grandfather when going through his photos years later with him had great difficulty in remembering the date and sometimes the location it was taken. And of course if may not even be of men of the 17th SS PG.

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