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Smolensk Photo with dead & machines

Article about: Hi Guys I have this interesting photo and wondered if anyone can tell me, if them think this is russia equiptment or German? its a german soldiers photo but i have no idea what killed horses

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    Quote by jesshaedrich View Post
    Ok, here goes...
    A german paratrooper fell off course and was caught up in the wires.
    After cutting himself down, he jumped behind a horse which was subsequently frightened, bucking wildly and throwing all the debris you see in the background. The horse was soooo startled he then fainted.
    The german troop just happend to be carrying a camara at the time, stepped back and took this picture you see.

    And now you know... your welcome!


    Not too bad and very close to the truth.

    It was actually an Oberfahrer in charge of a small horse team, who didn't head his superiors warning about smoking. Smoking you might ask? Well the horses had been stabled in a local farmers barn, and had eaten a lot of barley, causing a build up of methane gas. The Oberfahrer had been in the process of removing his gas mask (stink from the horses rear), and lighting a smoke when the gas from the horses rear ignited causing a large explosion and all that was left of the driver is his charred uniform stuck in the telephone wires, the poor horses perished in the fireball

    This was quite a well known problem, causing the Wehrmacht to stop useing horse transport.

    I hope this helps



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    Just a car booth sale on a horse track, that ended up bad.
    It must have been in the early 50 thies.

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    My father says me when he was being child, he live in the village approx 60 km from Smolensk, there was a strongholds, and after the war in the fields was a lot of explosives- guns. A lot of farmers and childs explode on them. And he says the explosion strip the body and all belonged to the body and clothings will be thrown to the trees if it's not a field...

    My IMO it's a antitank mine or a plane bomb, which is landed on the back of the photographer- there must be road. This is a loading trailer for Soviet 45 mm gun.

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    Odd thing here is that the horses dont appear to have any tack on, collars, trace chains etc... suppose they could have been removed afterwards to use again (difficult off a dead oss) but then why leave the cart/limber with two good tyres if your salvaging?

    Certainly a baffling pic... cheers though, I prefer the old age or rest theory..! LOL


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    Not sure about mines... see the horses behind the pole!? Looks like a full on attack with machine gun... but will never know!?

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    The body was cut by the wires , i think .

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    How about Battery echelon caught by Counter Battery Fires, as the horses are dead in place no troops? Perhaps heard incoming and got flat to the ground, poor horses not that clever. Stuff going up trees or in telegraph wire indicates ground burst? Could also have been air bomb but I think you would have soldiers bodies from the bigger shock waves that you can't hide from? Like you say we will never know!

    Interesting though and shame about the poor bloody animals at least it looks like it was quick for them!



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