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SS female aux.

Article about: Here is a picture i just picked up off a very reputable photo dealer. He says it is 100% original. I have lots of original photos, and not all have crisp developing, i know that the processe

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    Default SS female aux.

    Here is a picture i just picked up off a very reputable photo dealer. He says it is 100% original. I have lots of original photos, and not all have crisp developing, i know that the processes during WW2 for developing were crude considering today's standards , some are grainy, blurry, over exposed, etc ....... also not all original photos are maker marked on the paper. ...... my concerns are that this could be a copy, there is no maker mark, and the image is grainy, similar to a copy, but the texture and paper consistency say original, just poorly developed. It even smells old, like old photos should. i do not have a UV light , mine blew.... so i am asking for opinions, or if this image has been seen before in a book, etc. I do not believe the dealer would ever sell a known fake or reprint . So please help !

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    All I can say is it is not a photo I have seen before.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Again, not an image that I have seen before. The Aufseherinen does have quite strong facial features, as many did, yet whilst some images I have tried to match this one to do bear similarities, she seems older than those I have tried to match her up with. Hopefully, somebody can help...


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    An interesting photo Josh , due to the age of the SS Men in the shot with the , the collar tabs , lack of combat awards etc i believe this may be a photo from a recreational area from one of the camps !!Those with better knowledge of this topic may be able to give information as to whcih one. Is the cuff title any clearer on the original ?

    As to the originality of the photo it isn't the usual type of photo that is faked but that doesn't mean it isn't of course especially if it is a Camp photo and it is probably easier to give a judgement with this one in hand or via Blacklight as to the period of the paper , certainly if the seller is a knowledgable trusted one that is a good starting point , who was the seller ?


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