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SS grouping bought from grandson, thought you might like to see.

Article about: Hello, This was brought to me and I was asked if I would be interested in it. YES. I no longer collect anything but WW1 US uniforms and field gear but I could not pass up an SS grouping dire

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    Yep, compared like that, looks to be the same guy for sure. Thanks.

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    Circuit advertisement SS grouping bought from grandson, thought you might like to see.
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    Quote by MichaelSemann View Post
    As a commercial illustrator and portrait artist by profession, with the resultant training that goes with it, I can confirm that this is the same man in all of those photos posted.
    I also agree. If you look at the eye's, they are the same child/man.,
    Great job Michael.

    To the OP.
    You picked up a great grouping!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Semper Fi

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    WOW!! goes to prove that even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then!!!!

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    Wow what an incredible find & story, I'm amazed at the knowledge shared here too !

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    Thanks for the likes and replies. I post here for information. To receive it and to give it, if I am able. As for a blind squirrel, I am actually near sighted, overweight, very ill of health, moderately grumpy and I drink to much. With all that, I have been more lucky then a blind squirrel deserves.

    Cheers and have a glorious day to all who love history.

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    Great find, and nice research.
    I'm sure this would be a great trade group, if this isn't in your collecting interest.

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    Hello, I was not thinking of selling it when found but there has been some interest in me letting it go. Sadly, I can not sell it on ebay or most other on line ebay type auctions. From checking values of this grouping, it looks like it would be quite valuable as there are not many identified SS officer groupings floating around. Most people don't want to pay that kind of money either. Perhaps I will do more research on selling sites. Thanks again for the likes and interest in this grouping of history.

    The best to you all.

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