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Translation needed

Article about: Could somebody translate this postcard for me? Many thanks in advance! [/QUOTE]

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    Default Translation needed

    Could somebody translate this postcard for me? Many thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Translation needed

    It translates as:

    "Maastricht, 2 May 44

    My dear ones!

    In my letter to you written yesterday, I had forgotten to mention so very many things, which I would like to make up for today. First up, I would like to ask you, dear Mommy, to have my old medical boots repaired; I want to take them with me to Maastricht then. Please take Paul's high boots to the shoemaker as well; the toecap of one of them has to be sewn up. Furthermore, I would like to ask you to send me the medical textbook; you know, the one you had with you at the Luftschutz, and, unless I am mistaken, a pair of leather laces should be there as well. Please send both of these to me by registered mail. You will think that this old chap comes up with every little thing one at a time, but every day something new happens and I'm not asking for anything that I don't absolutely need. I have still not managed to get rid of my
    [...] for a coat. If they can help it, the shops only want new things, but I don't give up hope; right this evening I will try again at another place. Yesterday, I have [...] for Mrs."

    (The last sentence is incomplete and actually breaks off in mid-sentence.)

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    Default Re: Translation needed

    Thanks for the effort! With your translation and the one on the WAF I have the complete PC translated. The only thing that remains unknown is the part about his coat that he wants to sell..

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    Default Re: Translation needed

    You're welcome. I found the post on the WAF you were referring to and, using Gerdan's decyphering of the letter, have now edited my translation to fill in the former blanks. (Except for the one - concerning the coat bit - that still remains. For the life of me, I can't make sense of that one word.)

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    Default Re: Translation needed

    Thanks again! I will try to find out what that one word is. When you zoom in on the PC it seems like it says: La?t?n. I'm pretty sure on that but can't make out the rest..

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    Default Re: Translation needed

    Btw: doesn't it say: in inerem Mantel?

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    Default Re: Translation needed

    Quote by Gi collector View Post
    Btw: doesn't it say: in inerem Mantel?
    No; it's "zu einem Mantel".
    (And anyway, "inerem" makes no sense and is not a German word.)

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    Default Re: Translation needed

    So he wants to sell something to get a coat?

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