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Unusual Allgemeine SS-VT / SD Earth Grey tunics pic

Article about: I cane across this ALLGEMEINE SS-VT / SD EARTH GREY tunics being worn. I really like how the NCO in the back seat has the black/silver tresse cord, and the nco silver flat tresse also. How h

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    Default Re: Unusual Allgemeine SS-VT / SD Earth Grey tunics pic

    Just for the sake of completeness, here is the link to that exact photograph...:
    Datei:Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-380-0069-37, Polen, Verhaftung von Juden, SD-Männer.jpg ? Wikipedia

    ...and a related thread on the AHF...:
    Axis History Forum • View topic - SD in Poland Sep 1939

    ...and right here...:

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    Thank you, and thats all i wanted, was more detailed info on the pic, as i found it in someones photobucket.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Unusual Allgemeine SS-VT / SD Earth Grey tunics pic

    Quote by Woske View Post
    This is a Bundesarchiv photo which is posted on Wikipedia. Here it is with the caption which you have omitted.
    Quote by Woske View Post
    Please credit photos which do not belong to you.
    Quote by bikerboyzx6r View Post
    He's just being rude which is uncalled for really.
    Before making judgements and sweeping statements like this, please get your facts right. This is totally wrong and your reaction is unjustified and uncalled for, especially as you have seen fit to criticise my perfectly fair request regarding good manners. Nobody was (or is) being rude. Maybe you could enlighten me and everyone else where you consider I have been rude in my above statements please? This is the first time I've revisited the forum since Brian asked for the link. I told him where it could be found in my first post -- Bundesarchiv on Wikipedia. I know it is not Brian's photo as it is a BA photo and in this knowledge I think it only right that any images posted by any member should be credited to the owner. Brian has admitted that he found it on someone's photobucket and I believe it to be common courtesy to credit the source. Without the source and the knowledge that it has been erased, one can only assume that the poster has omitted the detail. Had Brian credited the source, this would not have arisen. All I was doing was pointing out that it's only manners to credit an image that does not belong to you. How that is being rude I don't know.

    On re-reading this thread, I should also add that you did give the impression that it was either your photo or you had permission to use it by saying "I thought I would share this with everyone." You stated subsequently that "....I found it in someones photobucket." My point is that some people and/or organizations take the trouble to share their property with others on the net, so it's only common courtesy to credit them when using their images. On some forums it is a rule that if an image does not belong to the poster, he/she must credit the source in full. In my opinion, a very good rule.
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