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What conflict is this?

Article about: Are there any clues from the dates written on the back of the photo and what does the writing say when translated ? Appears to be April 1941 and 17.2 (17th February). Looks like snow on the

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    Default What conflict is this?

    I bought this photograph the other day but can't work out which conflict it would depict. Are those men crawling across the field, or just dug areas? I can't read the inscription on the back, either, only see the date of 1941. Any help at all appreciated!


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    I would say those bodies you see are dead men

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    Hi Robbie, German stamp on paper appears to be period, same with fading of ink over it. Looks like German soldiers to me. The guy on the left looks likes he's carrying some kind of modified MP40. As far as the blobs in the field, hard to tell. However, if those blobs were enemy soldiers approaching, the two guys front and center would be diving for cover. Gopher boy with his head up would be an easy target. Also, some of those blobs are long. I don't think if this was training or actual battle, a guy would lay out there lengthwise to the skirmish line. I hate it when people buy nice photo albums and then destroy the story by selling them off one at a time. Still, nice photo.


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    Wow, brilliant Dave, I bet you're right. I'm having a bad day, that never came to mind. Lotta dead guys.

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    Yes they are german, ones holding an mp40 the other has a stick grenade, either the bodies are russian or german and those two are possibly rearguard or just surveying the area

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    Default Re: What conflict is this?

    Hi styx,
    that is a good period pic and on enlarging the photo they are dead guys, but i dont think the two soldiers are German going by the uniforms. Even though on has a MP40 and the other a 42 grnd, it,s probably the aftermath of a battle as they wouldnt be sitting ther like that.

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    Finns perhaps?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I still think they are probably Germans. The paper has a stamp for the German city of Nurtingen, which is in southern Germany. The stamp does not appear original to the paper, like it was done after processing.


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    Default Re: What conflict is this?

    The soldier in the foreground has a breast eagle so i assumed German

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    Default Re: What conflict is this?

    I thought the same thing Dave, but my eyes aren't what they used to be. I could make out a blob where an eagle would be, but my eyes aren't good enough to tell exactly what it was.


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