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Brass knuckles !

Article about: It's great they didn't get lost along the way!

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    It's great they didn't get lost along the way!

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    Circuit advertisement Brass knuckles !
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    If you think about using these things(which I certeinly dont recommend) be sure to practise with them before actual use.
    It takes some getting used to the feeling of having them on your hand.
    With basic knowledge in the noble art of selfdefense and some practise hitting a sandbag you will do serious damage once striking a person. Be prepared to go to prison.


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    "Ya don't bring a knife to a gun fight"
    (or brass knuckles)

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    the first set are more likely to be brit or yank knuckles as we were more likely to do the raiding on to europe and after fairbairn and sykes styled the tatics after the previous exploits in the hong kong police, using such things.

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    like Laplander said if you get caught with these in NY you will find yourself infront of a judge.

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    A little off topic but,Frozen upstate for sure RH1941! It was down to 12 this morning here in SC.

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    Packin9 I hope it warms up for you guys down there. Just be glad your not a orange grower in FL.

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    all i can say about the ones shown is OOOOOUUUCHHHHH! mine are all connected to blades.
    nice examples

    want cold ? come to minnesota

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    some very nice brassknuckles guys i also collect these from any time frame and have over 40 pairs heres a few. i also have the knuckle knifes. legal only in your home here. regards ewan
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Brass knuckles !   Brass knuckles !  

    Brass knuckles !   Brass knuckles !  

    Brass knuckles !  

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    Wink Re: Brass knuckles !

    Quote by packin9 View Post
    "Ya don't bring a knife to a gun fight"
    (or brass knuckles)
    You did if you were in the Magnicifant Seven, when James Coburn threw a switchblade and killed his opponent in the railway stockyard. One of my favourite films. John.

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