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Kriegsmarine U Boat / ships Clock WW11

Article about: I have one of these that was bought home by my grandfather Albert Edward Fuller who was decorated and mentioned in the Battle of the Graf Spey. I have sporadically done quite bit of research

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    Default Re: Kriegsmarine U Boat / ships Clock WW11

    thank you

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    At nearly 2000 the price realised in the auction was truly insane, especially since the piece was heavily messed with. As originally issued these clocks had a black painted finish. Most by now have had the paint buffed off to reveal the brass base metal on the basis that so many postwar owners thought this was more "attractive".
    Even for a good and extremely rare example with its original black finish intact the auction price would have been extremely high, though more understandable considering just how few of these with the original finish have survived. But for a piece which has not only had the original finish stripped off, but has then been ruined by having it nickel plated and mounted as a mantle clock is only proof of the old saying about a fool and his money been soon parted.

    I sold the one I had a couple of years back ( a nice example with the brass exposed but otherwise very good with all matching serial numbers in working order) for 850.

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    Default Re: Kriegsmarine U Boat / ships Clock WW11

    At the Beltring show this year a Irish dealer had for sale 4 of these clocks from 700 to 900 for a good one with original black finish ,so this should give you a ball park idea of these in the current market

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    Hi Gentlemen.

    I am a newbie here and I have only joined for one reason. I was given a clock by my father that came from my grandparents. My grandfather served in WW2 and I remember this in their house when I was small. It's virtually identical to this clock....

    It's not in as good condition, I don't know if it works, because I have no key. It worked when I was a child.

    The brass is dirty and the numberals are faded and the 12 is overwritten with a marker pen... I can upload pictures if anyone can give me an accurate guide to what it's worth please?


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    As stated above, here are pictures of the actual clock.
    It is definitely what I call a project clock. I'm into classic cars, so clocks are totally double Dutch to me...

    This is what I know...

    No key, untested but it worked when I was a little boy. I'm 41 now. It could be overwound so I can't make any promises.
    The brass is very dirty, and there is rusting to the rear which is a different material. I've heard cleaning can devalue items so I've left it alone.
    The hinge needs attention/pin putting back in properly. I could do this but I'm no expert.
    The clasp is home made, a bit of wire.
    The face feels loose and has suffered fading. Some top digits overwritten with marker pen, probably by my grandfather. These means they must have been faded over 30 years ago.

    Honestly, I'm not looking to sell the clock, of course unless I have to. It would be nice to know what I could genuinely get for it, and if I were to sell, it would be under the condition it be restored to its former glory, with a documented restoration and then placed in a collection etc.

    Here are the pictures of the actual clock.

    If you are weary of valuing on the forum, send me a message then I will post my values but without the usernames.
    I am located in Usk in south Wales, UK.

    I have no paperwork or anything to state it's history...

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Benjamin, welcome to the forum!

    I think the overwound term is a myth going by what I have read about clocks in the past. Usually they just need cleaning.

    If you are keeping it, but may be worth spending some money on it with a professional restorer. But this will not be cheap. But I do know of one locally to me. He did a long case clock for me.

    I could only guess on a value as this is outside of my expertise.

    The lack of eagle markings to the face will hurt the value. Eagles and swastikas selll.......

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hi Ade. Thanks for the warm reply...

    Even a guess is better than having no idea whatsoever!

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    OK, subject more knowledgable members correction, I would estimate about 200 as is???

    Clocks are really a subject in their own right.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Had good advice? Saved money? Why not become a Gold Club Member, just hit the green "Join WRF Club" tab at the top of the page and help support the forum!

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    Thanks Ade. Not going to make me a rich man then... It can take pride of place in my man cave amongst others...

    Bottom picture, bottom right hand corner! :-)

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