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SS trench art relics from Latvia

Article about: Hello Guys! Today I wanted to show you my small collection of SS trench art relics that were found by my friend in Latvia. I've been dealing with my friend in Latvia for many years now, and

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    I greatly appreciate your opinion rbminis, but I am 100% positive these are genuine. My Latvian buddy I bought these from has a pair very similar in his personal collection. It was hard getting him to sell this pair lol. I know there inst a certificate of authenticity, but i have great faith in my friend.

    Best regards- Jarret

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    Luftwaffe 1941.....While I hesitate to declare your SS runes REAL, I too have built up a sense of trust and even friendship with certain dealers over the years.

    For this reason, I agree with the comments of bsiwula1 and MAP. Field made may just be a euphemism for a cottage industry supporting the troops in the field.

    I also agree with Danmark that the fancier version was perhaps made on spring loaded sheet metal dies, the type to make shoe eyelets or button parts.....Doug.
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    SS trench art relics from LatviaSS trench art relics from LatviaSS trench art relics from Latvia

    I guess at the end of the day it comes down to instinct and your trust in the seller. I can see Ralph's point as it is a bit of a leap of faith. But too I believe Doug's point is valid with the cottage industry. If you look at the examples in the included thread in my previous post I find that runic tabs set very believable and well made, and feel the OP's are of a similar make. As you can see these were found in all shapes and conditions. Personally I would only stick to Ralph's example and the runic shape from the OP'S as being authentic as they mostly conform to those seen on German examples JMO. The other examples of runic shapes are too wide a birth for me. But never say never. Best regards.


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    *Third time I've heard of cool stuff from Latvia in a week*
    Thats it I'm moving to Eastern Europe. Lol
    The coolest thing you can find in North Carolina is maybe a civil war bullet once in a blue moon (thats all I find).
    Your Latvian friend finds cool stuff!

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