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Interested in flag

Article about: interested in knowing the price of a wermacht flag or the flag of a swatzstika.

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    There's a small sized one at an antique store near Melbourne for $580. I got a 6ftx9ft one from the same place

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    nice, shame i'm in brisbane lol and i havent seen any nazi stuff or even US stuff.

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    Quote by carlarganda View Post
    something like this, i'm not buying at the moment, just want to know a price range so i can save up and buy one for my birthday
    I bought a FAKE one like that for 3.99 u.s. dollars, just for the heck of it.

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    Mate there is a place on the gold coast, I think it'd near movie world called quarterdeck medals and militaria. They have original and repro stuff, look em up on google

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    yea mate, i looked them up and sent them email, they don't sell flags only prussian, ww1, ww2 german medals and other original stuff they have, but not flags

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    Bugger sorry bout that mate, thought they may be able to help......

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    its cool, least i now know a place that sells original german medals, and replica hitler youth knives!

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    Sweet as, I got my dad a repro German Military Police gorget from there, not a bad replica but my dad was more than happy with it. The dealer is a nice bloke and easy to deal with....

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    keep looking for the flag though mate, They are cheaper to get overseas, I payed a motza for mine here in oz,but mine is huge..... everything costs more if you find it here. Lots of dealer sites overseas have them and you will pay a more realistic price there for one. There is a thread on here about the Reichkreigflagges which has good info. Just remeber the smaller flags are faked a lot as they are more deisrable and easier to display, the big ones are not faked as much.

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    Quote by Ewan Stirling View Post
    heres one i found on this forums for sale section
    I think i have seen this photo again in
    Ewan have you purchased it from that member?

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