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1945 Jeep Willy's

Article about: Fellow Gear Heads, I am taking a break & detour from my Third Reich collection of daggers, swords, knives armbands, buckles, tinnies & fieldgear. It is dang cold in Minnesota today a

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    William....If I would have been there and there was such a thing as a $65.00 bill I would have had a bag full of them & 20 semi trailors. Investment grade there would have been good as old Willy's original parts are getting harder to find than SS Chained Daggers and about as pricey

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    Well, here she is - sporting new seat cushions,
    bows, canvas top and newly installed military
    rims and tires :
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Now That's what you picture when you think "Jeep"! A fine machine, Steve!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    My oh My is that a thing of beauty! I am in love!

    Those TIRES are DA BOMB and make the whole vehicle. Cannot believe what a set costs these days. Well done buddy!!!

    I am coming North as soon as I find a new duel fuel filter for mine. Don't wait up and I suppose I should not try to bring any Militaria across the MN / CA border.....Eh?

    NICE WORK!!! Rossi

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    Thanks William, and Thank you Kirk for starting the thread
    with your '45 Willys - I hope you aren't too upset with
    me hogging it.

    The tires are used 1960's-70's era ( M38A1 ) a little stiff
    but barely worn. They really make the jeep look good.
    It's amazing what a little Armorall can do !

    Too many structural/mechanical things wrong though.
    One day I might decide to put the time and money
    into her and fix all the problems.........!


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    No worries Brother! Willy away on the thread...Hope more guys and gals add to it. They are getting harder to find and I love mine. So want to go for a ride but I got filter issues and cannot find the replacement that will work. Oh well. Nothing has been easy lately. But if life were easy then everyone would do it....right? Onward!

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    Thanks again Kirk. Hope you get your fuel filter bug worked
    out soon. Come on up anytime !

    The pics above show the result of it's slow progression
    over a 15 year span, as I was more concerned with
    the '42 MB. All I thought it needed was to be re-
    wired. Of note - the paint was done with
    rattle cans.........!


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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    I remember, back in the early 60's, they used to advertise "Surplus Jeeps $65". I never believed it, so I went down to a sale one day outside of Chicago. They had a field of, maybe, 150-200 Jeeps. Everything from WWII to Korean-era. And, yes-they were,indeed, your choice for $65. I took a walk down the rows with the guy there and Every one we passed, he'd have a comment.."Cracked block"..."Locked up gear box"..."No brakes"..."Frozen axle" the end, there wasn't One Jeep that would have been practical or affordable to pick up and fix. Never did get one...
    The average weekly wage in the early 60's was probably
    about $60. If a guy knew what he was doing, he could
    make one excellent runner from 2 or 3 donors.

    There was a sell-off like that up here in the late 70's
    ( M38A1CDN ) long before my interest in them


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    Pretty soon you will get charged to look at it

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    Let's see some more photos of yours Kirk. You must have
    parked at the side of the road or on a trail and snapped
    some pics of your baby. Do you have any of the
    restoration while in progress.........?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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