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3 Ton Half Track Project

Article about: On this thread I intend to show the restoration of the parts I have and anymore I collect in the future. Have still not decided which direction to take, SdKfz 251 or SdKfz 11, that is why at

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    Do you mean the central hole reinforcing ring?. If so the inner wheel has a larger plate than the outer, do not know why again, perhaps it has something to do with it being riveted on.

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    Yes that's the ring I mean.


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    Default Please Help Me Identify This Wheel

    Hello All,
    Can anyone identify this wheel? It looks similar to the wheels you are discussing here. I believe it to be an inner wheel from an SDKFZ11 however what do I know. Any info or thoughts would be appreciated. Rubber markings indicate Vowerk w 575 48-510.


    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    It is the outer single wheel for Sdkfz 251 or 11 as you believed, the hub in the centre is post war for use on a cart of some kind. The rubber tyre looks to be in very good condition, are there any other markings on the tyre that you could give me, as I am trying to make a list of makers with codes.

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    I agree with Granatwerfer......but you are also the bravest person I know.....placing a rusty half track wheel against a leather (faux or otherwise) piece of furniture AND on a single LIGHT coloured carpet!!!.....for a lot of us that would be our EX-front room! :-)

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    Hi Composite - brave? Not so sure about that lol. No damage done, just put it there for a brief moment to photograph. This is my basement and is one of my "man caves" (I have several including my office, garage, and shed behind the house
    ). I did have to explain to my wife why I have a WW2 German halftrack wheel. She just doesn't get it...……..Rommel

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    Not much of an update, added a couple more track links to replace the one's I sold and some more stuff reserved for me.

    I have managed to finish wheel set number four this week, only two more to go then a start on the doubles.

    Did nearly buy a front armoured nose section the other week, but I thought the guy was asking to much.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    Not much been happening lately due to the crappy weather here in England and home maintenance, but have started on wheel set no.5. Separated the rear wheel from the spacer and drilled out the studs from said spacer and tapped out thread for new one's, pig of a job, no picture I'm afraid.

    But I did have a delivery yesterday from Russia via Poland. Another front wheel hub with hub cap, 2 complete swing arms with mounting housing, one early and one late version also one drive gear cover. I have some smaller parts coming by post including another drive gear cover.

    I have also been collecting parts for a much smaller project, more of that in the spring.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    You can’t do that....”more of that in the spring”????......this isn’t Dallas or Eastenders.... :-)

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    Seeing that it is pantomime season, "O yes I can".

    Patience is a virtue and all that crap. Might let you know if you are at Stoneleigh at the end of January, but only if you are a good boy.

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