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3 Ton Half Track Project

Article about: On this thread I intend to show the restoration of the parts I have and anymore I collect in the future. Have still not decided which direction to take, SdKfz 251 or SdKfz 11, that is why at

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    Very little has been done since the last post due to the weather, just made a start on cleaning the rust off the 5th wheel spacer, but have collected a few more parts.

    Parts collected are 10 rubber track blocks, on the left in the attached picture, the 7 on the right are the smaller W200 as fitted to the Ausf A & B, which I hope to sell on. Also one armoured rad. filler cap, this sits on top of the nose section and 2 front tow hooks. Over the last couple of days just missed out on a hot air vent and the mounting bridge for the gear shift, have attached a couple of pictures to show these.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    Work is still progressing on the 5th wheel set hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks. Have still been collecting parts, had a delivery today of one late swing arm, one rear door with working lock and two engine bonnet hatches. Also I have some more track rubber blocks on the way and a piece of armour for the lower rear under the doors.

    Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, production may start to increase, and I still have my 2019 project to start. More on this when I have bought the last missing part, which is repro.

    Well I was going to attach some pictures, but for some reason the forum says I do not have permission. I followed the instructions in the pop up message, twice, and it still will not let me post.

    I have just edited this post and I think the pictures are now attached.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 3 Ton Half Track Project   3 Ton Half Track Project  

    3 Ton Half Track Project   3 Ton Half Track Project  

    3 Ton Half Track Project  
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    I Have had a couple of more deliveries in the last 10 days. The first was another 24 track rubber blocks, I have 76 so far only another 35 to complete a set. Also another piece of armour arrived today, it is the lower rear section, I have attached a picture of a restored vehicle to show where it is located.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    Pretty cool granatwerfer! Armour piece must weigh a bit!

    I assume you saw what happened to Nashorn restoration project?

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    Yes it does weigh a bit. When the rear door and bonnet doors were delivered I had to help carry them, and it was still heavy with the two of us.

    Such a sad story regarding the Nashorn, even more so as the end was in sight. Do not have anything in my Garage/workshop to start a fire that bad.

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    Yes, I've just seen the video of the fire regarding the Nashorn, very sad indeed.

    But, lessons learned, this restoration is coming along nicely, and very interesting it is too.

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    I've seen a handful of restorations go up in smoke...and it's gut-wrenching.....and usually its a hyper-rare vehicle or even a prototype....having Insurance is one thing (although that's often pushed aside on cost grounds) but parts availability is key. Fabrication is often the only answer and that's expensive and of course not "original".

    Good luck Mr Werfer

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    Pretty sad about the Nashorn. I remember the documentary on the B29 Kee Bird - very sad seeing that go up in flames.
    At least the Nashorn can hopefully be rebuilt.

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    Not much been happening since last post. Wheel set No.5 has been finished and a some more parts are on their way or soon will be, pictures when they arrive.

    Had a move around of the wheels on Saturday, so took the opportunity to photograph what I have so far. Wheel set No.6 is on hold at this time.

    Also in post no.38, I mentioned a smaller project for the summer. It is a 1st model if8 trailer, see attached, I now have all the parts to start the restoration. I had one many years ago but sold it to help fund the Kettenkrad I had, but always wanted another to fill the void. Will start another thread for this.

    The 251 is on hold for the summer so I can build up some funds and do something different, but will still collect parts if they come up at the right price.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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