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3 Ton Half Track Project

Article about: On this thread I intend to show the restoration of the parts I have and anymore I collect in the future. Have still not decided which direction to take, SdKfz 251 or SdKfz 11, that is why at

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    Small update - still collecting parts for this project, hope to get back on to it when I have finished the trailer.

    Had this piece of armour plate arrive on Monday, it is the right rear section. See attached picture, area circled in red.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    I like that - it clearly shows the very distinctive 251 shape.

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    Superb find

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    After an extended break I am now back to working on parts for the SdKfz 251 project. Have made a start on wheel set number 6, early days yet, have just started stripping the paint off the loose wheel. Also I have a couple of parts for the front steering on their way from Estonia, have no idea when they will get here, but they have been sent.

    This summer I also hope to get all six wheel sets painted sand, well that is the plan, only time will tell.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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    Default 251 spw

    Congratulations on your progress.

    Just for interest a 251 Ausf D was finally restored in Denmark a couple of years ago, where it had been used for mine disposal work after the war. What is interesting is that the restorers have identified the major components of this vehicle and their origins, this does illustrate very well the complicated German method of sourcing parts and the huge amount of transportation required before a vehicle is complete.

    The running chassis was assembled by AU-Horch @ Zwickau near Dresden, with of course all it components coming from all over Germany and the occupied areas, the Maybach engine intself was made under liscence by Borgward of Bremen, but it could have been from anyone of 10 or so sub-contrcted makers of that engine.

    The running chassis was then transported to Gollnow and Sohn @ Stettin on the Baltic coast for final assembly. Also sent to Stettin was the armoured body which in this case was made by AG Ferrum Kattowitze @ Laurahatte in occupied Southern Poland, at that time incorporated into the Third Reich.

    After final assembly at Stettin, vehicles could go to Vehicle Depots for distribution, or other plants if further equipment was to be fitted, like mortars, rockets, flamethrowers etc.,.

    An amazing amount of transportation required, just look at a map.

    The above assembly methodology was typical of all the 251 series, with many different body makers, running chassis makers and final assemblers. If its a typical assembly story for many German vehicle types.

    Hope its of interest.

    cheers PAUL

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    That’s interesting.

    This particular one will be going to North Watford, Central Watford, East Watford and even West Watford in its build process :-)

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    Oh yes, Watford to Watford to Watford, if only the Germans had been so sensible.

    Like I said, so complex a distribution system, and then just for the 251 vehicles, you have six body makers, six running chassis makers, and six final assemblers, all being six off is just a coincidence, and not all six of each function were all manufacturing at the same time, but most were and all very very heavily reliant on a good rail transport system. Its manic.

    cheers Paul

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    Had a couple of items arrive this week, nothing large or note worthy, one front wheel suspension damper and a Umformer S.E.U. a1 for the radio system. The Umformer converts the 12V from the vehicle battery to about 300V to power the radio, in this case a Funksprechgerat a. I hope one day to have a complete radio system working, if the law allows, just need to find the rest of the parts.

    3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project3 Ton Half Track Project

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