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Any vintage bike experts out there? Bike in WWII Axis service.

Article about: Im a vintage bike afficionado and this bike caught my eye. Does anybody have any idea what the donor motorbike was for this railroad track vehicle? Personally, Im leaning towards a Polish SO

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    I'm a an old bike nut too! An additional detail which may be of interest in this context, is that the NSU engine was designed by an Englishman and was thus similar to a contemporary Norton. Concerning the Norton side of the story:

    'The engine of the CS1 first appeared in 1927 as the power plant for the works racers and in a road bike the following year, sharing the same frame and cycle parts as its stablemate the ES2.

    The drive to the overhead camshaft is by a vertical shaft with a bevel gear at either end and features the characteristically 'cricket bat' shaped cover to the timing chest. The cambox is a separate casting bolted to the cylinder head and has protruding rocker arms to actuate the valves. In 1929, the designer, Walter Moore, left Norton for NSU in Germany and as he owned the original patent, continued to make the engine under the NSU banner. Norton therefore got Arthur Carroll to completely redesign the engine and he came up with the familiar shape that was to be produced for the next thirty years. The CS1 carried on, using this new engine from 1931 until 1939.' (source: Overhead Camshaft)

    Also: 'When Walter Moore, the designer went to NSU he took the design with him, claiming it had been designed on his own time. NSU built a very simliar looking engine, prompting the joke, "NSU, Norton Spares Used"' (source: Curious about a part on 1929 Norton - ADVrider)


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    Interesting and entertaining info - thx

    I peruse ADVrider a lot.

    ...oooh, and I, I NEED a Manx....and a Brough Superior ...and a Vincent Rapide....

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