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Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

Article about: Figured I would add a few pictures of my tanks to show whats in the game

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Well I have never played a game that lagged so much

    Cheers, Pat

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    There's a difference between lag and bad performance on your PC. One is an internet issue, the other is a computer unable to run the game.
    If it's the latter, try lowering the graphics options to the lowest.


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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Probably is my connection. The lag isint as bad when I am playing in the city but when it is open in fields the lag is incredable. I will try and lower the graphics.

    Cheers, Pat

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    If it's as you say, lowering the settings should help.


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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    my old laptop lagged when playing WOT , new one is a lot better luckily, as said lower all the settings you can, if not then maybe some extra ram for your PC, its cheap as chips

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    The problem is I have mac so I can't play it

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Once I get my new computer gets here I'll download it, I saw it before and it looks fun.

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Quote by AmericanKraut View Post
    Not real money you earn credits, you can spend real money in it tho to get exclusive tanks or faster upgrades or paint jobs and perks. You can be succesfull and do well without spending a cent. I was tempted to spend a little to buy 100% crews and camo...

    There's no need to spend real money for camo job, you have to pay to get a permanent camo, but you can buy it for a month with credits from the game. All my tanks are camouflaged and i spent no money. This said, when i'll have my definitive tanks, i think that i'll spend the few euro needed to get permanent camos.

    Last weekend, i was fed up to face heavies that camp and arty that kills you while well hidden in a bush a kilometer away so i got a Leichttraktor again and started to play tier 1 & 2 was very fun, much funnier that the first time.
    My LT is camouflaged and looks great. Already 30 battles played, 60 % victories and 32 kills...

    I should get my Pz VI Tiger quite soon, it's researched already but i do not have enough credits to buy it.....I researched also the VK3002 (DB) as it's quite fast, just to try scouting. The Jagdpanther is also on its way to me...

    As the crew of my VK3601 (H) has now reached 100 % , i gave them perks to improve their skills. When perks will reach 100 %, all crew will have new skills, like the Bordführer who should have a sixth sense that say when the tank has been detected by another tank, gunner will be able to see critically damaged area on tanks where to shoot at, etc....

    It's still fun
    Concerning clans, i wonder if you must be a paying member or not to create a clan ?

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    I think you have to have 1 member thats premium to make a clan. I got the Tiger finally and it ***** stock, but i already have new track turret, and the smaller88 which still is not good :P

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    I think all you have to do is pay once to make the clan, no need for premium. Might just do it myself when I have some coin burning a hole in my pocket.


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