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Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

Article about: Figured I would add a few pictures of my tanks to show whats in the game

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    One of my WoT clan mates found and posted this, so thought i'd share it here
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?  

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Yep thats wot alright.

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    I still play a good bit if anyone wants to join my small clan pm me its name is PZ4
    I now have the TigerII maxed out , along with the m18, hummel, IS, KV, KV-IS, Tiger, PZIV, Stug, T20, and a few more...
    Id like to get a decent size clan going so we can start clan wars. So we will need about 20 people currently only around 5...

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Ive been playing for a few months, ive currently got a StugIII,pzIV,VK3601H,Hummel and pzIII/IV, my player name is the same as my name here : sunsetIE

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    was fun playing with a WRF member SunsetIE, now we need a few more!!!

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    There is an upcoming tournament with cash prizes and each team needs to consist of 5 players. The five players must use tier 8 tanks in the one I am registering for. I have 3 people in my clan that are going to play including myself, so I will need two more to join. If you have a tier 8 tank and want to play please pm me! if you have a high ranking artillery and are interested it may be used too.

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    I'm still playing on a regular basis, very regular.....
    I'm weak and addicted to the bone that's a fact...
    I played more than 9000 battles now, with 50% victory and around 9300 kills
    I do not play the Jagdpanther anymore as i have fully researched Jagdpanther II and a Jagdtiger (i sold my Ferdinand after 300 battles). The Jagdpanther II is pure fun, it's a tremendous Panzerjäger, correctly armoured, fast (45km/h) and very well armed with a 128 mm gun. I have played around 1200 battles with it, 53 % victory and around 1600 kills. The Jagdtiger (tier 9) has a better gun, a longer 128 mm, but it's slow and so big, once arty spotted you, it's alsmost the end...soon i'll get an JgpzE100, the tier 10 Panzerjäger, the top branch german tank destroyer.

    If you are looking for a very good Panzerjäger of tier 8 which is not a rolling bunker, my advice to players would be to choose a Jagdpanther II instead of the Ferdinand.

    My heavie tank is the E75, still not fully researched. I do have hard time when playing it...

    As i have received some money for my birthday in august, i decided to offer me a little present from WoT...the feared and quite powerful medium chinese tank Type 59. This tank was not for sale for a long time, but in august it has been for sale for two weeks or something like this, so i bought one and now i also belong to the "premium noob type" brotherhood, you know, those that come in your back to kill your arty, shoot you in the sides or the rear and that go away slaloming between houses while has a low profile, a good armour, a good speed even if its engine is not very powerful (only around 550 cv) and a not too bad 100 mm gun. I love my Type 59 for sure, even if my ratio of victory with it is only 48%...(700 battles, 670 kills). It has a three different camo scenes depending of the maps played and a greek warrior's helmet on the right side of the turret.

    Machines in my garage :

    Type 59 :
    FCM36 Pak40 : 640 battles, 57 % victory, 1012 kills
    Marder II
    Dicker Max
    Jagdpanther II


    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    Nice I am waiting till Saturday to buy my e-75 since all 9 tiers will go on sale then. I want to continue the German tds but my garage is full and I am fond of my stugIII. Garage slots will be on sale as well so I will have to get a few of those.
    Jphilip are you in a clan? If not I can invite you to my tiny one and you get to wear the 4th SS PZ insignia on your tank if you do...
    Even though you recomend the Jagdpanther II I think for historical reasons (even though the game is inaccurate) I might want to try the Ferdinand. Do you find the armor better on the Jagdapanther II?

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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    I started playing it a few weeks ago, my highest tier tank is a tier 5. My username is AngryMudkip, if anyone wants to play a few matches together.


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    Default Re: Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    8.1 update is being installed right now and will be up within 24hrs, this new update is bringing in a British line of tank, a few new premium tanks, and a few more patches to make the game better. Also some maps will return that were taken away due to technical errors.

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