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Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

Article about: Figured I would add a few pictures of my tanks to show whats in the game

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    I play on the North American Servers for both WoT and WT, though I don't mind the EU for WT - I just lag on occasions.

    I have to say that WoT is becoming less enjoyable - the Company seems to have lost it's way, and the community has gone down-hill.

    The E75 is a great tank even after the nerf. Pity the Maus and E100 have lost all credibility in the game. They used to be the tanks to get.

    Congrats on the two battles you posted jphilip.

    Currently moving up the French TD line. Have the AMX AC48 fully decked out.

    Not impressed with the Waffenträger auf E 100. Hit an opposing one in the turret with AP from my Ob268 and took it down from 100% to 56% in one shot - not sure if I should have gone for the engine - though that said I'll probably get it. The JagdPz E-100 isn't bad, though the speed, loading time (even with a rammer and vents) and traverse speed is appalling.

    I was rated at 4th 'globally' for NA in my JagdPz IV , but have dropped to about 21st now.....I feel I should be a lot higher in my ratings for several of my TD's considering my damage output, but what can I say? Team folds...a lone TD...

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    I cant wait for the ground forces to arrive, it's gonna be so fun with the ground and air forces combined.

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    I just wanted to know if they're still WRF members who play World of Tanks...
    I'm still playing...and recently joined a small and recently created french clan named LLDT (La Légion des Templiers).
    After refusing to join a clan for more than three years, i finally joined one because ramdom battles were becoming really boring...
    the clan's insignia is quite cool and all my tanks bear it now....a Maltese Cross over a black and white shield and above two Templars knights...

    Any WoT (World of Tanks) player around ?

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    I play War Thunder regularly.

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    CBH is offline


    Started Wot Bitz on my Ipad , love it , but very additive .

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    I gave up on WoT when it really started to become a "pay to win"game. War Thunder is much more balanced.

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    i own a Tiger a Jagdpanther and nearly got a Panther, its fun at time but a lot of grinding and i pay the subscription also as it is play to win,

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    Im still playing World of tanks. Maybe just a game or two after work nowadays. Been in a nice swedish clan for years now, they are my good friends. I like to see you all in my haircrosses. Best regards.

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    i play on my own i need to find some people to start playing with

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    I have playing in xbox one now. just got my first Tiger II...

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