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Flak 88 Monocular ?

Article about: This is a really nice souvenir piece and coming from the most famous gun of the war whatever it's actual role in the sighting / obs system i like it !!

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    Default Flak 88 Monocular ?

    i have what i have been told is a sight from a german ww2 tank that my grandfather brought home from the ETO, but he passed before i was born, so i know nothing about it but what ive have been told.

    is what i have been told correct?

    it has the german word "Klar" on it, which means clear, as well as "Filter" which is obvious.

    engravings in the side

    The knob cycles two filters in the scope, one that filters a small amount of light, and the other fliters quite a bit more.

    The eye piece also revolves left and right (up and down like its threaded) to control what i assume is the focus of the lense.

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    I agree with you looks to be a tank scope to me Very nice.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    Might be part of a range finder..............!


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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    The maker "CXN" is: Emil Busch A-G, Optische Industrie, Rathenow.

    I will draw my forum friend James to this thread as he collects optics and he will know exactly what this item was used for.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    That would be great Ade!

    i found pictures on another site of a CXN optic that has identical markings to my piece, and the poster theorizes about it being part of an 88mm flak gun. Mine lacks a target reticle in the lense which makes me doubt its use as a weapon optic, and makes me think its more of an observation piece.

    the one i found on This site

    same two words on mine (filter & Klar)

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    I am fairly sure yours is for a FLAK 88 too going by the markings.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    ive learned so much in these last couple hours researching my items.

    ZF - zielfernrohr - monocular

    the 8.8/18-36-37 has to do with a flak 88 battery.

    Im kind of bummed that its not from a tank like i was originally told, but having a piece of a weapon that devastated our air forces is pretty cool aswell!

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    Although i figured out this optic belongs to a 88, its lack of a reticule makes me wonder what its purpose was, it was likely not mounted directly on an 88, as the angle of the eye piece would make it extremely awkward to use.

    Ade did you ever show this thread to your friend?

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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    I did send him a link.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default re: Flak 88 Monocular ?

    remember that flak 88 were also used against ground forces which your sight could have been used with also for flak 88s to be used against aircraft it was more the use of binos look at the air and guess and then use the whole battery to blow stuff from the sky so your mount would still have been attached


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