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German Heavy/Massive Arty Question

Article about: I'm sure most of us all know of the beasts the Germans made artillery wise. As i have been digging around on the history of the units that manned these guns, I wonder if they had a "spe

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    A few fun facts on these guns: The initial cost was 7 Million Reichmark(Some say 10!). The 2 guns were designed and built Specifically to destroy the French Maginot forts with their boasted impenetrable armor-but were never fired at them. It took 2000 men six weeks to get these things ready to fire-Once they got it to where they wanted it to be first, of course. Not to mention the 250 men it took to actually Fire it...which took 30 minutes Per Round. 2 shells in an a max range of 29 miles. New railroad tracks had to be laid down Every time these guns were moved. The shells stood a full 17 feet high with the shell and head together and traveled 2,700 feet per second. They each weighed 8 tons. It required a small spotter plane to aid in it's trajectory. It required a Ton of gun powder to fire each shell and when striking ground, they produced a 90 foot wide crater that was 30 feet deep(well large enough to contain an average house). They were particularly effective in obliterating Russian forts and batteries.
    Any word on how they cleaned these things after firing? It's a pain in the butt to clean rifles sometimes... I can't imagine the manpower involved to clean something as big as these guns!

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    These giants required round the clock maintenance. Small wonder they needed 100's of men to man them- just the normal stuff like lubrication, cleaning, tightening shock loosened fittings, etc etc was a 24/7 job. The barrels wore out at an astonishing rate and it took many weeks to dismantle them and send them back to Krupp for relining.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quite right Guys concerning the maintenance and cleaning of these weapons. Just wonder how many more tanks could have been produced if all the resources used to build these cannons had been put to better use. Still I wish one could have been captured intact as it would be awe inspiring to see one up close.

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    One source I've read said that 500 Tigers could have been produced for the price of the one cannon...and That's not taking into factor the men and the man hours and price of arming these guns and maintaining them,transporting them, etc..I think you could safely double the 500 number when taking everything into account.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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