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German lorry body

Article about: Hi Radek, that is really great news! Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi Radek, that is really great news!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    And the big dream will be find the rolling chasis. But it is only dream. :-( It is lost in foundry - told me curent owner.

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    What a find, to see a picture of the lorry it came from! But it really is a shame the chassis doesn't exist anymore.

    I suppose these things happen though, nobody gets sentimental about old lorries until they're really quite old, they go through a long phase where they're too old and worn out for most people to want to use, and not old enough for people to want to restore them, and so many of them end up on the scrap heap. Some time after his time in the army, my Grandad used to work for a scrapyard, and he used to tell me all those years later that we wished they'd kept hold of just a few of the legions of old lorries that passed through their hands, rather than recycling them, because they'd all now be a restorer's dream.

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    wonder what happened to the rest of it? Depending on condition, i'm sure one of the collectors out there would be willing to pick it up.

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    Hello Radek, I send a PM, kind regards Hans

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