Hi bullit,
There is written data that we captured 2 early production Tiger I's in Tunisia as well as other vehicle's such as Demag etc and brought them back here for assesment.They were tested at our GM factory and then left to sit.One of the Tiger's was removed to Tasmania and now rest's on the bottom of a damm as a break water (hull only) but god know's why they used it.
The other one was used to ferry factory worker's from one side of the GM factory to the other by using the Tiger! One day it broke down on a marshy ground between 2 building's and there it sat until it started to sink in the mud.So some einstein decided that the only way to get rid of the monster was to burry it in the mud.Ive got no idea how this was achieved but apparently it was lifted and a large hole was dugout.Some part' like gun sight's and other instrument's were given away to some of the worker's!
Now it rest's in the swamp land no doubt full of water and slowly rotting away and nobody here want's to do anything about it. I am angry about it and would like to see it dugout and put back into it's former glory.The soft metal would be all gone now such as the mudguard's and storage bin's but the hull, track's, wheel's and turret will be there forever. A sad tale but very true and i wish i could do somthing and launch a campaign like " SAVE OUR TIGER!" or somthing like that.The Pz.IV can also be located by digging up a factory floor where it was used as back fill would you believe and then the floor could be layed again with no harm done.