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German Vehicle Ornament - Identity help

Article about: Hi, This is what I think is a vehicle ornament, possibly a Mercedes? Any information as to identity would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    Default German Vehicle Ornament - Identity help


    This is what I think is a vehicle ornament, possibly a Mercedes? Any information as to identity would be appreciated.


    German Vehicle Ornament - Identity help
    German Vehicle Ornament - Identity help
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    Welcome to the forum Loid.

    Any more information you can give us? Where was it found, etc.

    Personally I think this is a fantasy item, but having never seen anything like this before I'm happy to be proven wrong.

    As you are new here, i would like to point out that it is required to upload the photos directly to the forums servers. Otherwise this thread will become useless if the pictures are deleted from you photo storage host.


    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    looks like a converted / modified gauge - something to be found on a rat-rod
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    Hi, This is a moto-meter, a piece that sits on top of the hood of a car like a hood ornament, but was functional as a temperature gauge. I have seen these converted, such as this, into decorative pieces, small picture frames, etc. This looks to be an original piece, heavy brass, for a 1920's or so, mercedes. I cannot speak on the TR embellishment, or when it was "converted". Hope this helps.

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    Hey guys, thanks for reading and replying to my post. I am not new to collecting WWI/II items but this one has me just wondering. My father's uncle was stationed in Europe in late WWII and was found with his "stuff" when he passed in the early 1960s (I have most of this). He was not at all into collecting Nazi items of any kind so I highly doubt he bought some junk fantasy piece. It is a solid and heavy piece of brass and has no portal at the bottom to have been a guage.

    Again, I have searched and searched but nothing has shown up.

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    Hi again, this piece only measured temperature, so no portal needed. No fluid ran through it, metered radiator heat. I am quite familiar with these. Look up different types of moto-meters for automobiles.

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    To add, when I say "stuff", I mean what he brought back. Again, thanks for any and all thought.

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    Default this is for sure then for a car and possibly a Mercedes.

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    Yes for an automobile, it is the Mercedes logo, so yes.

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