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Kettenkrad documentation

Article about: I'm currently working on creating 3d models of each component of the NSU kettenkrad to enable the fabrication of replacement parts for restorations, repairs, and possibly the production of r

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    Default Kettenkrad documentation

    I'm currently working on creating 3d models of each component of the NSU kettenkrad to enable the fabrication of replacement parts for restorations, repairs, and possibly the production of repro vehicles if I were able to get the specs for each and every part.

    At the moment, the documentation I have available consists of both editions of the German Army field manual. I have searched and obtained all publicly available patents filed by or on behalf of Ernst Kniekamp or NSU Motorworks related to technologies used in Kettenkrad. I also have the 7 volumes of Waffen Review on the Kettenkrad. I have also been in contact with a Hungarian restoration group who was able to provide some basic measurements of the hull, as well as many good photos of their restoration of a stripped down early production hull.

    All of this information is good, and can be helpful in a way, but do not do much to further the actual diagramming of any parts. I have spoken with both the Imperial War Museum and Bovington Tank Museum in hopes that one of them would have captured documentation on either fabrication or design on the Kettenkrad, but neither of them had anything more than the field manuals. I also contacted the owner of, but I have had no response in about a month. Does anyone know where I can obtain any technical documentation from either the fabrication, component design, or final assembly of the Kettenkrad, or the postwar production variant?

    If anyone needs, I can provide the documentation I have collected already. (I have also worked to translate the 1st issue of Waffen Revue, and am going to be translating the last 6 issues on Kettenkrad).

    Thanks in advance,


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    A daunting task for sure!

    I can't help but I am intrigued and hope you will keep us advised of your progress.

    I imagine that it is engineering diagrams / specifications and draughtsmans drawings you are after?

    Certainly, If I come accross any such material I will let you know.

    Good luck

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    .....You don't say where you're based so we're all going to have to guess which country you're working in but I'd imagine there's quite a few Ketts around, either running or undergoing restoration...there's always at least one running around most UK Fairs/Shows and the European Shows like Miltracks etc seem to be over-Ketted, if that is indeed a verb. Doesn't the technology exist to scan the actual parts rather than hunt down the paperwork?

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    Unfortunately, Im located in the US (southern CA), and as far as Im aware, there arent many complete kettenkrads near me that I would be able to get access to, let alone disassemble and work off of.

    It seems my best bet may end up being finding a mostly-complete kettenkrad in need of restoration, and restoring it as I diagram everything, but with the prices of Kettenkrads these days, this seems totally unrealistic.

    As for the technology to scan parts, it does exist, but not to the degree of accuracy needed to manufacture perfect replicas (ie a transmission component such as a gear needs precise tollerances, so its more reasonable to manually diagram the component on a computer in 3d to ensure there are fewer errors). This also relies on me having access to a Kettnkrad thats dismantled, which I dont.

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    These machines are certainly high value.....c£100k at times but they remain massively popular and desired. This sounds like a classic case of speculating to accumulate.......if your driver is to make money, an initial outlay to secure an original will be painful but it will only increase in value and you’ll have access to the actual parts to facilitate fabrication. If your objective is to do good regardless of financial impact, I wish you all the best in your quest for paperwork.

    There are ex-Kett owners here...they are better qualified than me to provide assistance

    Good luck!

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    I had a kettenkrad that I was rebuilding up to about 2 years ago, but sold it as an unfinished project. High cost of original and replica parts was one of the factors that made me decide to sell, even though it was nearly complete.

    There are two companies in Eastern Europe who make replica parts for the Kettenkrad, both in the Czech Republic and one on Poland, see links.


    Kettenkrad HK-101

    NSU Kettenkrad - OLDMILITARIA - original military artifacts from World War II

    I do not have any documentation except for the parts list, I also have the odd part or two that are beyond use on a working vehicle.

    Good luck with your project.

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    My goal isnt to make money, its just to have the documentation for spares as the parts available through SKZ are limited (ie no suspension, steering, transmission, or engine components can be acquired through them, but these are more likely to fail than something like a track link or tow hitch). Also, it is speculative, while as I really would love to be able to obtain a Kettenkrad to have in my collection for reasons beyond just documenting it, as you said, they are quite expensive right now. I do hope current or former Kettenkrad owners here will be able to provide some information. (I know a friend of mine knows a collector who had a Jpz 38(t), who was able to obtain the documentation for many of its components through a source he was unable to tell me, and had me fabricate a number of replacement small components for it, so I speculate that similar info does exist for other vehicles, kettenkrad included.)

    As for Lehar Vehicles and SKZ, I had contacted both of them, and if I remember correctly, only SKZ got back to me, and was unable to provide any info beyond some old photographs of a project kettenkrad. Lehar Vehicles never wrote back, and if I remember right, they may no longer be in operation, as their eMail address bounces, their phone is disconnected, and their address is listed for another bushiness (this was as of ~4 months ago when I checked last). Is the parts list that you have the one from the operations field manual, or something you put together yourself?

    Thanks for the replies. As a side note, Im going to attempt to get in contact with the Imperial War Museum and/or Bovington Tank Museum again to see if they were able to locate any additional info. Ive also learned through a friend that since NSU was acquired by Audi, their historical department may be in possession of the documents Im looking for. I will be contacting them as well.

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    I have owned two Kettenkrads in the past , fun when working but a 1.5 ton nightmare when not .Most parts can be found from the Czech and Polish makers as listed above as for engine parts Opel Olympia made the engines so spares can still be found , Really don't know what you want to get out of this ?

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    The parts list I have is the one from the operations field manual.

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